Willis Hart's LLIN Authoritative Commentary Catalogue

001. Welcome to Lying Lester's Irrational Nation 3/27/2014.

002. Hypocrites Enslaved by Looters And Moochers 3/28/2014.

003. Extreme Irrationality Totally Normal For Lying Lester 3/29/2014.

004. Lester Nation The Proud Mental Masturbator 3/30/2014.

005. Lying Lester Can't Decide Whether Or Not To Shut Down His Blog 4/2/2014.

006. Lying Lester Heartily Endorses So-Called "Wage Theft" 4/3/2014.

007. Pondering With My Big Brain 4/4/2014.

008. The Lying Lester Blog is Now Closed 4/4/2014.

009. Paul Ryan & Ayn Rand 4/5/2014.

010. A Thank You To The Amazing Octopus 4/7/2014.

011. LLIN In The Process of Shutting Down 4/8/2014.

012. A Guest Commentary By One of LLIN's Interns (by Arnie Hanson) 4/9/2014.

013. A Second Thank You To The Amazing Octopus: A Blogger With The Highest Integrity & Moral Authority 4/10/2014.

014. For Sale: One Barely Used Blog In Better Than New Condition 4/11/2014.

015. The Affordable Care Act Stinks (ObamaFart) 4/12/2014.

016. It Kinda Scares Me That Octopus Might Not Approve 4/13/2014.

017. Comments From Idiots Accepted To Highlight Their Idiocy 4/14/2014.

018. Lying Lester Reluctantly Endorses Voter Suppression 4/15/2014.

019. The Nobel Lying Lester 4/16/2013.

020. A Man Cannot Live By Telling Jokes Alone? 4/17/2013.

021. Reminder: The LLIN Blog is Still For Sale 4/18/2013.

022. Chelsea Clinton Pregnant & Lying Lester Goes Bonkers 4/19/2014.

023. Comments Submitted, Published, and Then Deleted by Ed Degorio 4/20/2014.

024. The Lying Lester Blog Is Still Closed 4/20/2014.

025. Lying Lester Is So Scared He's Pissing Himself! 4/20/2014.

026. Lying Lester Asks: Are Men Superior to Women? 4/21/2014.

027. Dumb Blondes, Greenscammers & The Keystone XL Pipeline 4/22/2014.

028. Cutting Off Government's Balls 4/23/2014.

029. Lying Lester Believes The Atlases Should Shrug, Frankly 4/24/2014.

030. Is Lying Lester Really An Ayn Rand Worshipping Objectivist Or Just A Poser? 4/25/2014.

031. I Completely & Unequivocally Disagree With Everything You Have To Say, Yet There May be Something I Can Learn From You 4/26/2014.

032. Lying Lester Will Blow Your Head Off If You Break Into His Castle 4/28/2014.

033. Lying Lester Strongly Opposes The Silencing of Legitimate Views 4/19/2014.

034. How Prevalent Is The Zoophilia Perversion Among Conservatives? 4/30/2014.

035. Oops 4/30/2014.

036. In Defense of Donald Sterling 5/1/2014.

037. The Ignorance and Arrogance of Lester Nation 5/2/2014.

038. Regarding The Sale Of LLIN: The Bidding Is Now Concluded 5/3/2014.

039. A Lying Lester Tall Tail: The Affect of Voting Democrat 5/4/2014.

040. Cliven Bundy's Heroic Stand Against A Fascist gOvernment 5/5/2014.

041. Reading Assignment 5/5/2014.

042. Lying Lester Believes That Voting Is Not A Right 5/6/2014.

043. On The MSM Being In the Tank For Obummer 5/7/2014.

044. Lying Lester Asks: Are dEmocrats More Fascist Than rEpublicans 5/8/2014.

045. To The POS Who Thinks Someone He Hates Is Responsible For This Blog; Regarding Your Annoying Comments Naming This Person: They Will Not Be Published 5/9/2014.

046. Vote Lying Lester For United States President in 2016 5/9/2014.

047. Lying Lester Can't Make This Poop Up 5/10/2014.

048. Lying Lester Says The Nation Is In Crises Thanks To sTatism 5/11/2014.

049. Lying Lester Worries Greatly About sOcialist dIctators 5/12/2014.

050. The Dishonesty & Stupidity of Equating sOcialism With Fascism 5/13/2014.

051. Our sTatist POTUS bArack oBama Encouraging Thievery! 5/14/2014.

052. bArack oBama: The man (And I Use The Term Loosely) 5/14/2014.

053. oBama The Narcissist 5/15/2014.

054. Lying Lester The Narcissist 5/15/2014.

055. On Entrepreneurship Not Being For Those of A Lesser Stock 5/16/2014.

056. Lying Lester: Purveyor of Poop 5/17/2014.

057. The Wisdom of Voltaire & The Foolishness of Lying Lester 5/17/2014.

058. Lying Lester's Deep Thoughts & Stuff #1 5/18/2014.

059. The Enlightened Lying Lester 5/18/2014.

060. Lying Lester's Deep Thoughts & Stuff #2 5/19/2014.

061. Lying Lester Asks: Does it Take A Village? 5/19/2014.

062. Lying Lester The Hedonist 5/20/2014.

063. Lying Lester The Problem Solver 5/20/2014.

064. Lying Lester Strongly Supports Dishonest rEpublican Attempts to Disenfranchise dEmocratic Voters 5/21/2014.

065. The Hate Filled lEft: No Tolerance For Lying Lester's Bullsh!t 5/22/2014.

066. Wise Thoughts From A Randian Capitalist, Limited gOvernment, Classical Liberal & Advocate of Maximum Individual Liberty 5/23/2014.

067. Lying Lester Asks: Are Money & Speech One In The Same? 5/24/2014.

068. Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason 5/24/2014.

069. Lying Lester's Mother Told Him: You've Got to Shop Around 5/25/2014.

070. Lying Lester Misses His Good Buddy Rusticus 5/26/2014.

071. Good News From Wisconsin: Free Speech Rights Defended 5/27/2014.

072. As the Senseful Violence Continues 5/28/2014.

073. Stand With Lying Lester In Opposing pRogressive cOllectivist Tyranny! 5/29/2014.

074. Elvis Presley Ignorance: In the Ghetto 5/30/2014.

075. Freedom & Liberty As Defined by Ayn Rand & Lying Lester 5/31/2014.

076. Lying Lester Reports: An Accident, Unfortunately For A Pro-2nd Amendment Senator 6/1/2014.

077. Lying Lester Salutes & Pays Tribute to A Grate American 6/2/2014.

078. Bob Marley: More Crying About Poors In The Ghetto BS 6/3/2014.

079. Fearless NRA Could Care Less About Public Backlash 6/4/2014.

080. Lying Lester The Panderer Identifies lIberal pRogressive Blogs That Are A Part of The Problem 6/5/2014.

081. Liberty & Integrity: Too Concepts No Longer in America 6/7/2014.

082. Lying Lester's Deep Thoughts On oBama & sTatism 6/8/2014.

083. On Lying Lester Possessing A Smarterphone 6/9/2014.

084. A Lying Lester Tall Tail: Corporatism ISN'T The Natural & Unavoidable Result of Laissez Faire 6/12/2014.

085. Lying Lester Mentally Masturbates In Regards to The Possibility of POTUS Gary Johnson 6/13/2014.

086. The Handsome Debonair Goateed POTUS 6/14/2014.

087. Lying Lester Ridiculously Argues That The Clintons Should Pay More Estate Taxes Than They Legally Are Obligated To 6/18/2014.

088. dEmocrat Hypocrites Should Unilaterally Disarm 6/25/2014.

089. Nevermind #1 6/26/2014.

090. Gary Johnson & Ayn Rand 7/8/2014.

091. Lester Nation's Last Post On LLIN As "Lying Lester" 7/8/2014.

092. Welcome To Lying Lester's Irrational Nation: Now Under New Management (by Lyle Lester) 7/10/2014.

093. Welcome To The New & Improved Lying Lester Blog (by Lyle Lester) 7/11/2014.

094. Gary Johnson: Libertarian Simpleton (by Lyle Lester) 7/20/2014.

095. Lying Lester's Rational Hatred For The Invading Illegals (by Lyle Lester) 7/24/2014.

096. dEmocrat Hypocrites Should Unilaterally Disarm (My Thoughts On A Post By The Former Proprietor Of This Blog) (by Lyle Lester & Lying Lester) 7/25/2014.

097. Lester Nation Returns!!!! 7/31/2014.

098. The Least Hard Working President... And Other Lies 8/1/2014.

099. Lying Lester Asks: Is The Republican Congress Likely To Continue New Deal Era Corporate Welfare? 8/2/2014.

100. Lying Lester Suspects $619 Billion oBama Heist 8/8/2014.

101. Lying Lester Asks: Is High Speed Rail Feasible Or A sOcialist Pipe Dream? 8/9/2014.

102. Lying Lester Condemns Radical lEftists & Their Support For Hamas! 8/10/2014.

103. Iraq and the oBama Almost Strategy 8/11/2014.

104. Lying Lester Ponders The Possibility of a 3rd World War With The mUslims 8/12/2014.

105. Lying Lester Admits His Hate & Bigotry For Muslims 8/13/2014.

106. A Lying Lester False Narrative Regarding dEmocrats and Impeachment Talk 8/14/2014.

107. A Nation Held Hostage By Gridlock, Thankfully 8/15/2014.

108. Lying Lester Asks: Will The Earth And Life As We Know It Send? 8/16/2014.

109. Announcing a New Lying Lester Blog: "Gary Johnson is Dreamy" 8/17/2014.

110. dEmocrats Looking To Midterms And 2016 Presidential Election Distancing Themselves From pResident oBbama 8/18/2014.

111. Lying Lester Asks: Is America Becoming A Police State? 8/19/2014.

112. On the Rump Conclusion that a Gary Johnson Presidency Would "Crush" the Middle-Class (by Lying Lester & Willis Hart) 8/20/2014.

113. Lying Lester Is A Ladies' Man. Make NO Mistake About It 8/21/2014.

114. A Lying Lester Anthropogenic Climate Change Update 8/22/2014.

115. Why Lying Lester Believes Paying Taxes Should be 100 Percent Voluntary 8/23/2014.

116. Lying Lester Laughs At The Idea Of A Lady President 8/24/2014.

117. Lying Lester Explains Socialism in a Nutshell (by Lying Lester & Willis Hart) 8/25/2014.

118. On Internet Trolls & Stalkers Targeting Lying Lester 8/26/2014.

119. PEW Research Says Republian Optimism Regarding The 2014 Midterms Is Warranted 8/28/2014.

120. Lying Lester Asks: Is It Time For The Ascendancy Of The Libertarian Party? 8/29/2014.

121. Lying Lester Ponders: Is oBama The Laziest Black pResident Ever? 8/30/2014.

122. Lying Lester Says iSlam Is The rEligion of Pure Evil? 8/31/2014.

123. ISIS Must Be Stopped By Reinvading Iraq & Slaughtering All Muslims Who Refuse To Denounce The "Prophet" Mohammed 9/1/2014.

124. Lying Lester Ponders: Is There Really an Artic Meltdown Or Is All A lEftist Hoax? 9/2/2014.

125. Lying Lester Proposes Bombing The Ground Zero Mosque 9/3/2014.

126. Lying Lester Welcomes New LLIN Contributor Willis "I Love Straw Men" Hart, Plus Some Sad News 9/4/2014.

127. Michael Crichton on (Global Warming) Certainty (by Willis Hart) 9/5/2014.

128. Why Lying Lester is FAR Superior to You 9/6/2014.

129. Lying Lester Contemplates A Very Vexing Issue & A Possible Strategy 9/7/2014.

130. On the Constipated Mathematician (by Willis Hart) 9/8/2014.

131. Lying Lester Asks: Did pResident oBama Aide Our Enemies At Benghazi & Issue A "Stand Down" Order? 9/9/2014.

132. Viewing Assignment (Re Leon Trotsky) 9/10/2014.

133. LLIN Observes A Moment Of Silence To Honor Those The Smelly Flea & Lice Infested Muslims Murdered In Name of Their False Prophet 9/11/2014.

134. Phil Robertson Sounding An Awful Lot Like the Quran... but He's a Christian, How Is This Possible? 9/12/2014.

135. Liberty... For Those Who Deserve It 9/13/2014.

136. Willis Hart Ruminates On the Concept of Wildcat Baking (by Willis Hart) 9/14/2014.

137. Lying Lester Appreciates the Fact That George W Bush Kept Us Safe. Admit It Leftists! 9/15/2014.

138. Willis Hart Contemplates A Warren Presidency (by Willis Hart) 9/16/2014.

139. Lying Lester Happily Announces Some Extremely Good News! 9/17/2014.

140. Willis Hart Explains Why We Need to Get The People (as in "We The People") Out of The Way (It's Because Democracy Sucks) (by Willis Hart) 9/18/2014.

141. Lying Lester Derives Great Satisfaction In Knowing He Is Heat & Flame Resistant 9/19/2014.

142. Gary Johnson and the Case For A New Direction 9/21/2014.

143. Lying Lester Announces A LLIN Hiatus 10/7/2014.

144. Lying Lester Announces An End To The LLIN Hiatus 11/9/2014.

145. Gone Monkey Hunting... Back Whenever 11/10/2014.

146. Money That Buys Elections 11/11/2014.

147. On the Proposed Solution For Air-Traffic Controllers Falling Asleep Being to Hire Another Person to Watch Him (or Her) (by Willis Hart) 11/11/2014.

148. Old Bones To Discuss If The Iraq War Was A Blunder 11/12/2014.

149. A Nation Adrift. Drifting In The Right Direction 11/14/2014.

150. Willis Hart on Paragraph Usage (by Willis Hart) 11/17/2014.

151. Gary Johnson, a Man for the Times... A Times For The Oligarchs To Rise! 11/18/2014.

152. Why Another Great Depression Is Just What Our Country Needs 11/22/2014.

153. Lying Lester Has Never Cracked For Al Sharpton And Likely Never Will 11/25/2014.

154. Lying Lester Proud To Be A Lover Of "Both Sides Do It" Bullsh!t 12/5/2014.

155. Not All mUslims Are Sub Human Animals. Just Almost All Of Them 1/14/2015.

156. Lying Lester Discusses Blundering Obama's Big Blunder 1/15/2015.

157. Lying Lester Dissembles About Fascism 3/28/2015.

158. Is America Approaching Neo Fuedalism? 4/23/2015.

159. On the Fact that Women Commit 10% of the Murders but Only Comprise 1.5% of Those on Death Row 5/31/2015.

160. My First Post! (by Dennis Marks AKA dmarks) 6/2/2015.

161. Billy Bob Thornton's Oscar Wins For Playing Mentally Deficient Fellows: Not Coincidence! 6/9/2015.

162. Willis Hart's Lying Lester Blog Hostile Takeover 6/14/2015.

163. On the Comparing of Scott Walker to Hitler 6/15/2015.

164. On Rachel Maddow & Republicans And On Sean Hannity & Democrats 6/16/2015.

165. On Lindsay Graham (Again, Who I Like on a Personal Level) Saying that if We Don't Destroy ISIS In Iraq and Syria They'll Be Coming Over Here to Attack Us Next 6/18/2015.

166. On the Fact that Banking, Mortgages, and Housing Were the Three Most Regulated Sectors of the American Economy and Yet this is Exactly Where the Problems Erupted Leading Up to the Financial Collapse 6/20/2015.

167. On Willis Hart Being Addicted To Getting High Huffing Cato Farts 6/21/2015.

168. On the Hard Left's Theoretical Answer to The Income Inequality "Problem" 6/23/2015.

169. Northerners, Who Did Not Own Slaves, More Responsible For Slavery Than Southerners Who Did Own Slaves 6/26/2015.

170. On Willis Hart Being FAR Superior To You 6/30/2015.

171. Demonizing Wealthy Makers Is The Religion of Envy At Its Worst 8/14/2015.

172. Apologies To The Hundreds Of Commenters To This Awesome Blog 8/18/2015.

173. White Wealth Matters 8/22/2015.

174. On the Fact that CEOs Are Woefully Underpaid 8/29/2015.

175. On Your State of Being Perpetually Offended 9/1/2015.

176. On The Fact That You Continuously Go to Blogs That You Do Not Like And Attempt To Use A Multiplicity of Strange Handles Just So that You Can Have Somebody to Debate 9/2/2015.

177. On The Fact That "Willis Hart's LLIN" Is A Fact-Based Blog Chock Full Of Facts. Too Many Facts For Progressives To Take, In Fact 9/4/2015.

178. On Being So Contemptuous of Another Human Being as to Absolve Them of All Moral Responsibility & Judgement Pertaining to Their Actions & Choices 9/7/2015.

179. On the Fact that Most Mutations Tend to Be of a Deleterious Nature 9/10/2015.

180. On Intelligent Design Proponent, Stephen Meyer 9/14/2015.

181. Egghead Nation 9/18/2015.

182. On Third-World Child Labor Being Uber-Cool As It Enriches The Plutocrats More Than If They Have To Underpay Third World Adults 9/24/2015.

183. Am I, Willis Hart, Water Tower Material? 10/3/2015.

184. On the Fact That The Murder Rate for White South African Farmers is 99 Per 100,000 10/26/2015.

185. To The Progressive Left The Lives Of White People Apparently Do Not Matter 10/31/2015.

186. On Why I Believe Walmart Should Decuple The Salary Of Their CEO (Multiply It By Ten) 11/2/2015.

187. On Why The Presidency Is Better Served When There Is No First Lady 11/11/2015.

188. On The Fact That Most Porch Monkeys Are So Stupid 12/12/2015.

189. White Power! 12/25/2015.

190. Colonialism Helped Ignorant Savages Achieve Success (Ungrateful Darkies Should Be Thanking The White Man Instead of Demonizing Him!) 12/26/2015.

191. Fucking Barbarian Ragheads Murder Each Other & Nobody Gives A Shit (As They Should Not) 12/28/2015.

192. Black Intelligence Not Sufficient To Run A Country (South Africa Being Proof Positive That The Majority Of Spear Chuckers Are Dim Bulbs) 1/1/2016.

193. On The Fact That The Founders Hated Democracy Because It Doesn't Favor The Wealthy 1/2/2016.

194. Thomas Jefferson, When Saying "All Men Are Created Equal" REALLY Meant All Men Are NOT Equal 1/6/2016.

195. Bernie Sanders Is A Socialist For Christ! Also a Fucking Moron 1/8/2016.

196. On The Fact That Most Porch Monkeys Are Stupid As Well As Lazy 1/22/2016.

197. On Why I Might Vote Donald Trump For President 1/26/2016.

198. On the Fact That That Cocksucker FDR Campaigned (in 1932) As A Grover Cleveland/Al Smith Democrat & Quickly Did A 180 Once Elected 2/1/2016.

199. Were The Blacks Better Off Without Civil Rights? 2/4/2016.

200. Does That Fucker Bernie Sanders Think He's A Wizard? 2/13/2016.

201. On The Fact That All Politicians Are Phony. Except For Gary Johnson 2/14/2016.

202. On The Fact That The Black Folks Of 1861 Winchester Virginia Loved Slavery So Much They Voted To Secede From The Union To Continue It! 2/22/2016.

203. On The Alarming Fact That The Population Of The World Is Only 7 Million Due To Shark Attacks! 2/26/2016.

204. On That Asshole Bernie Sanders Continually Advocating For A Living Wage 3/5/2016.

205. On "Their Fair Share" 3/12/2016.

206. Piece of Shit Simpleton FDR Knew Of Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor. Fact Is, The Fucker Provoked It! 3/14/2016.

207. It Makes Me So Mad When Lefties (Including Supporters Of That Piece Of Shit Hillary Clinton) Refer To Sarah Palin As "Excrement"! 3/16/2016.

208. Liberal Regressive Buffoons Can't Stop Bashing Donald Trump (And They Refuse To Point Out How Awesome Gary Johnson Is) 3/18/2016.

209. Bernie Sanders Is A Dimwitted Bastard, An Economically Illiterate Sniveling Coward & An Embarassment! 3/20/2016.

210. Arnie Hanson's 2nd LLIN Commentary (by Arnie Hanson) 3/22/2016.

211. Bernie Sanders Is Functionally Retarded 3/24/2016.

212. On That Woman I Got Drunk & Raped Now Threatening To Press Charges 3/25/2016.

213. Cruz and Rubio Should Stop Repeatedly Blasting Trump for Not Releasing His Tax Forms! 3/27/2016.

214. On Our Possible Future President Donald Trump Being Maligned By The Leftist Media 3/30/2016.

215. On The Fact That Political Hacks Bernie Sanders, Barney Frank & Elizabeth Warren Want To Steal Your Property 4/2/2016.

216. Bernie Sanders Is An Insane Lunatic Who Will Destroy Our Republic If Elected!!! 4/4/2016.

217. JFK Was A Fiscally Conservative Republican (Just Like MLK) 4/5/2016.

218. On the Fact That Bernie Sanders Plunders More Private Property From US Citizens Through Civil Asset Forfeiture Than Burglars Do 4/9/2016.

219. White European Feminist Chicks Aren't Objecting To Getting Raped By Brown Muslim Men Because That Would Be Racist 4/11/2016.

220. Minorities Whining About "Cultural Appropriation" Make Me Sick! 4/13/2016.

221. On The Fact That Donald Trump (Or Whoever The Republicans Nominate) Will Likely Be Our Next President (And Hillary Clinton Will Get Prison Time) 4/14/2016.

222. Trayvon Martin's Life Did Not Matter 4/15/2016.

223. On The Fact That Willis Hart Is Smart And You Are Dumb 4/20/2016.

224. On the Assertion That Asserters Should Be Believed Absolutely 4/22/2016.

225. George Clooney Is A Leftist Piece Of Shit! 4/23/2016.

226. On The Fact That There Are Many Drug Dealing Violent Black Animals Behind Bars Where They Belong 4/24/2016.

227. On Why I Can't Vote For Donald (Although He May Be Our Next President, Which Wouldn't Be So Bad IMO) 4/25/2016.

228. On My Ideas 4/26/2016.

229. On The Fact That Barack Obama Is A Traitor (Only Question Now? Hang Him Or Imprison Him For Life?) 4/27/2016.

230. On The Jim Webb Presidency That Will Never Be 4/28/2016

231. Not All Welfare Queens Are Chubby Black Chicks, That's For Certain? 4/29/2016.

232. On Why I'm A Climate Change Skeptic 4/30/2016.

233. On The Fact The Evolution Is Phony Baloney 5/1/2016.

234. President Jimmy Carter Did The Right Thing And Lowered Taxes On Rich Makers (Unfortunately The Post-Presidency Carter Is A Piece Of Shit) 5/2/2016.

235. 76 Bitches Be Lying About Getting "Raped" 5/3/2016.

236. I'm With Trump In His Desire To Restrict Raghead Access To Our Country 5/4/2016.

237. Message To Bernie Sanders: I Hate Your Mother-Fucking Socialist Guts! 5/6/2016.

238. Will Our Next President Be Gary Johnson? 5/7/2016.

239. On The Fact That Men Need To Step Up Their Game In Domestic Violence Situations 5/8/2016.

240. On The Fact That The White Race Is Superior 5/9/2016.

241. Message To Hillary Clinton: I Hate Your Mother-Fucking Corrupt Pandering Pantsuit-Wearing Guts! 5/10/2016.

242. Radical Marxist Feminists Whining About "Patriarchy" Piss Me Off! 5/11/2016.

243. If I Were A Serial Killer? My Victims Would Be Leftist Buffoons! 5/12/2016.

244. Feminazis Need To Accept The Fact That Men R Superior & Halt Their Persecution Agenda! 5/13/2016.

245. We Should Be Squeezing Blood From The Turnips! Lazy Mooching Poors Pay Way Too Little In Taxes! 5/14/2016.

246. Violent Black Animals Kill Cops Whose Lives Don't Matter (According To These BLM Assholes) 5/15/2016.

247. Memebers Of ISIS Are True Followers Of Muhammad, As Are All Muslims (They Should ALL Be Deported From This Country!) 5/16/2016.

248. On The Fact That (Because They Lack The Brainpower) Black Youths Would Rather Spend Their Time Mastering Violent Video Games, Fighting, Getting Wasted, Getting Knocked-up, Etc. 5/17/2016.

249. Wild Black Animals Should Be Locked Up Forever (Or Perhaps Put To Death) 5/19/2016.

250. Octopus Is Decidedly NOT Amazing! 5/20/2016.

251. Is Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart Somebody's Sock Puppet? 5/21/2016.

252. On The Fact That Rational Nation, AKA Les Carpenter, AKA Lying Lester Is Now A Hardcore Progressive (One Of The Dimmer Ones) 5/22/2016.

253. On The Fact That Most African Americans Simply Aren't Smart Enough To Be Lawyers (Not Good Ones, Anyway) 5/23/2016.

254. Was FDR Our First Mentally Challenged President? 5/25/2016.

255. Is Paul Krugman Certifiably Insane? 5/26/2016.

256. As Plainly as I Can Say It... I'm A Gary Johnson Dupe 5/27/2016.

257. On The State Having The Gall To Enforce Laws After Passing Them (Laws The People Say They Want Via Democratic Elections) 5/29/2016.

258. On The Fact That Poor People (AKA Lucky Duckies) Are Not Paying Their Fair Share In Taxes 5/30/2016.

259. Tamir Rice's Life Did Not Matter 5/31/2016.

260. Dylann Roof Was Right 6/1/2016.

261. The Darkest Period in Human History? 6/3/2016.

262. Taxation Is Theft (Takers Stealing From Makers Via The Democratic Process) 6/4/2016.

263. Ragheads As Violent & Criminally Inclined As Africoons 6/5/2016.

264. Is Trump A Hillary Planet? 6/7/2016.

265. Willis Hart Got Away With It 6/8/2016.

266. On The "Black Africans Were Actually the Real Ancient Egyptians" Afrocentric Theory 6/13/2016.

267. On HRC Being Convicted Of Treason For Sending/Receiving Classified Info Via eMail And Being Sentenced To Prison Before The Election 6/14/2016.

268. On The Fact That (According To A Pew Research Survey) 100% Of Willis Harts Are Seriously Islamophobic 6/16/2016.

269. On Donald Trump Saying We Need To Renegotiate Our Trade Deals 6/18/2016.

270. Proof The Leftist Media Is Out To Get Trump 6/19/2016.

271. On The Elegant & Original Photography Featuring Ballet Bitches & Circus Hos By Vermont's Jeffrey M. Lewis 6/21/2016.

272. On The Fact That Bernie Sanders Hasn't Conceded Yet Despite The Fact That The Schmuck Is Mathematically Eliminated 6/22/2016.

273. On The Fact That The Government Forced Minority Students To Attend UC Berkeley, UCLA, & UC San Diego 6/23/2016.

274. On Those Who Won't Debate The Luminarias Islamophobe Sam Harris 6/24/2016.

275. On The Fact That Rational Nation Is Now Lying About Having Been An Anarcho-Capitalist 6/25/2016.

276. Lying Lester (AKA Rational Nation) Is A Liar & A Total Wack-Job! 6/26/2016.

277. Thoughts On The Hardcore Progressive Blog "Rational Nation USA" 6/27/2016.

278. Rational Nation: What An Asshole! 6/28/2016.

279. Lester Of Oz 6/29/2016.

280. Regarding The Epidemic Of Violence Loving Black Kids Attacking White Kids In Our Schools 6/30/2016.

281. Seriously, I'd Like To Beat The Crap Out Of Chris Hayes, Re His Stoogish & Pitiful Attempt To Defend The Repugnant Mrs. Clinton (What A Piece Of Shit She Is!) 7/1/2016.

282. Koran = Evil 7/2/2016.

283. On Slant-Headed British Millennials Who Are Trying to Equate Britain's Leaving the European Union with Fascism 7/3/2016.

284. If You're White Know That Black People Want You Dead 7/5/2016.

285. On The Fact That All Climate Scientists Who Say AGW Is Real Are Corrupt & On The Take 7/6/2016.

286. On the Claim that Killing One Bad Man In Yemen (Often Along with 25 Innocent Ones) Via Remote Control Constitutes Self-Defense 7/7/2016.

287. On The Fact That Somebody Got To FBI Director James Comey 7/8/2016.

288. On The Fact That Former Fox News Anchor, Gretchen Carlson, Is Now Accusing Her Former Boss, Roger Ailes, of Sexually Harassing Her On The Job 7/10/2016.

289. Violent Black Cops Shooting Violent Black Criminals! 7/11/2016.

290. On The Odds of a White Person Being Able To Have An "Honest Conversation" About Race with Obama, Holder, Or Any Leftist Minstrel 7/13/2016.

291. The Police Should Be Able To Kill As Many Blacks As They Want 7/14/2016.

292. Gun Rights Are For Whites 7/15/2016.

293. The Police Aren't Killing Enough Blacks 7/16/2016.

294. Dick Morris Is A Loser. Yet, Not As Much Of A Loser As WD. Trust Me On This. I Hired A PI To Investigate Him 7/17/2016.

295. Chicks Are Dumb 7/19/2016.

296. On The Fact That Every Time I Date A Chick She Cries "Rape" When I Attempt To Force Myself On Her 7/21/2016.

297. Elderly Blacks Know How Violent & Prone To Criminality Young Blacks Are (Having Been Young Violent Criminals Themselves Once) 7/22/2016.

298. On The Fact That Young Black Bucks Spend A Lot Of Their Time Stealing Donuts & Feeling Up White Women 7/23/2016.

299. I, Willis Hart, Am Totally Full Of Shit (I Say This As A Compliment To Myself, btw) 7/24/2016.

300. Those Twitter Fuckers Are Among The Worst People On The Planet! I Hate Them And Wish They Were All Dead 7/27/2016.

301. I Warned You About That Treacherous Rodent, The Homely Debbie Wasserman Schultz 7/28/2016.

302. As A Libertarian, I Can Confirm That I Hate Democracy 7/29/2016.

303. On The Fact That I Don't Consider Myself An "American" 7/30/2016.

304. But, Benghazi! Also, Mike Brown's Life Did Not Matter 7/31/2016.

305. Will That Lying Piece Of Shit Lawyer, Miss Hillary, Finally Be Put Behind Bars Where She Belongs? 8/4/2016.

306. On That Black Asshole Marc Lamont Hill 8/13/2016.

307. A Message For That Fascist Socialist Asshole Bernie Sanders 8/16/2016.

308. On "Black Studies" Degrees 8/17/2016.

309. Socialists Are Bigoted Against Rich People 8/20/2016.

310. On The Fact That Most Blacks Are Incredibly Stupid (And YES, It's A Fact) 9/6/2016.

311. My Favorite "Prussian Blue" Song? 9/8/2016.

312. On CNN's Virtue Signaling Social Justice Warriors 9/24/2016.

313. Known Crackpot WD Never Wrote For This Blog. 1/17/2018.

314. I Am A Proud Racist. 2/10/2018.

315. LLIN-315 2018.

316. LLIN-316 2018.

317. LLIN-317 2018.

318. LLIN-318 2018.

319. LLIN-319 2018.

320. LLIN-320 2018.

321. LLIN-321 2018.

322. LLIN-322 2018.

323. LLIN-323 2018.

324. LLIN-324 2018.

325. LLIN-325 2018.

Note: All blog posts authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason unless otherwise noted... up to commentary #158. Thereafter the author of all commentaries is Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart (unless otherwise noted).

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