Friday, August 1, 2014

The Least Hard Working President... And Other Lies

There is something to be said for hard work and dedication to achieving results, even when it means schmoozing with those you disagree with and compromising when necessary. Especially when you are the leader. President Ronald Reagan and President William Jefferson Clinton knew this. So have all other effective presidents.

I wonder why President Barack Obama doesn't get about the hard work and all the other stuff as well... Or, that is the meme I have been hearing over and over from dishonest Conservatives... and I LIKE it. Which is why I have decided to repeat it, despite the fact that it is completely false.

Much like the meme that Obama is "inexperienced", or the one that says Congressional Republicans AREN'T obstructing. Obama simply can't sell his agenda, due to it being bad and/or not being a good convincer... both due to his lack of experience.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I LOVE it! rEpublicans obstruct the pResident, preventing him from accomplishing anything... then they blame oBama for not accomplishing anything... and the gullible eat it up! I am quite hopeful that this duplicitous strategy pays off in 2016. I mean, if the American people are dumb enough to buy this garbage, perhaps they're dumb enough to vote for Gary Johnson?

Shhhh... what the real purpose of this "lazy oBama" bullshit is - is to counter the actual reality of the rEpublican Congress doing nothing. This is just the rEpublicans (and their brain dead supporters) saying "nuh-uh" in defiance of obvious truths. That they are the lazy ones.

BTW, I posted about this on my other blog, and I've already got one gulible commenter agreeing with me on this nonsense!

Not only that, but he throws in some racist dog whistles as well, referring to our pResident as an "indolent and lazy man, who shows passion for few causes other than really nasty ones (like his attempt to abolish the secret ballot for union elections)".

Cool beans. While not a racist like this commenter, Lying Lester still very much appreciates race being used as a cudgel against this pResident, which is why he lied about the pResident being "lazy". ANYTHING to stymie his agenda is OK with me.

I do not believe you achieve the level of success that Mr. oBama has by being "lazy". Only a total idiot would agree with this unbelievably stupid meme. But, as the commenter I just quoted shows, there are people who are that stupid. And those people are usually racist to boot.

Hopefully this will help my side when it comes to the 2016 election. Will Gary Johnson run? Will the racists (like the commenter above) vote Johnson? Oddly enough, they might. Even though Johnson presents himself as being opposed to racism.

But these racists are the kind of racists who think they aren't racists. If that makes any sense. But very few people who are racists will actually admit it. And of course Gary's agenda would GREATLY empower the plutocrats... so someone who agrees with that agenda - even if they have a buttload of unconscious racism - might vote for Gary anyway.

I mean, surely no dEmocrat and even no rEpublican would, if elected president, be as STRONG a champion for the wealthy as Gary. I know that's why I'm voting for him. If he runs. If not, I might just run myself.

Surely I would be a excellent alternative if Gary decides not to run. I am, after all, very much in favor of the Libertarian agenda of concentrating wealth at the top... just like Gary.

And I'd lie about it like all Libertarians do. Deregulating and cutting the social safety net will be good for everyone (wink, wink). And I'll lie about oBama being "lazy" as well. If it furthers the cause - there is, frankly, no lie I won't tell. Even ones that dog whistle to the racists.

Byline: This post was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of dog whistles (such as calling a Black man lazy). LLIN-098.

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