Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Arnie Hanson's 2nd LLIN Commentary

Hi, my name is Arnie Hanson and I was an unpaid intern working for college credit here at LLIN. As you may remember, I quit LLIN some time ago after the former proprietor of this blog, Lying Lester, decided to shut down the blog due to the chagrin of Octopus.

After the new proprietor of this blog, Willis Hart, hostility took over LLIN, I called him up and asked if he had any need of an intern. Willis' reaction was "maybe", so long as I was willing to work for no pay. I affirmed that I was, so long as he was willing to write up a job review for me to submit to my college professor.

Willis said he would not, so I suggested that I write up the job review, and that all he needed to do was read what I wrote and sign it. He agreed, and that is how I returned to LLIN.

But that was some time ago (#12, 4/9/2014). Since then I completed the class and graduated from college. So why am I still here? Luckily Willis liked my work and decided to keep me on as a paid intern. Although for low, low pay. At first I said no, because who wants to accept low, low pay?

Then Willis suggested slightly higher pay... if I'd also take on the janitorial duties here at LLIN. The pay was still to low, however. So I told Mr. Hart that I'd have to pass. He thought about it for awhile, then suggested he might be able to pay me a little more if I also willing to take on the duties of being his personal valet.

I still said no, as the duties (as he explained them) were way to much work for the salary he was offering. 2 weeks later, however, I called up Mr. Hart and told him I changed my mind. The reason? I wasn't able to find a job. Mr. Hart, knowing he had me over a barrel, lowered his offer. Seeing as my rent was coming due, I agreed. So long as he was willing to advance me enough to cover my rent.

Mr. Hart said he was willing to advance me the money, as long as I agreed to pay interest on said advance (with the advance plus interest to be deducted from my first paycheck). Reluctantly, I agreed.

So now I'm back. Although, to be honest, the hours are grueling. I have to get up early to lay out Mr. Hart's wardrobe for the day, fix his breakfast, and do some light housework. The rest of the day I spend cleaning Mr. Hart's home, preparing his lunch and dinner, and editing the posts Mr. Hart writes for LLIN.

As you may have noticed, Mr. Hart's posts here differ from those on his other blog Contra O'Reilly. On Contra O'Reilly Mr. Hart forgoes the use of paragraphs and (usually) when he inserts a YouTube video, it is in URL form only. Here on LLIN, I edit what Mr. Hart writes (inserting paragraphs and the actual videos. As opposed to URL).

Mr. Hart told me he has no idea how to do either of these things, which is why he needs a "tech nerd" such as myself (although I'm an English major and, as far as HTML goes, am self taught).

I also act as Mr. Hart's chauffeur, driving him to and from work, as well as wherever else he wants to go. Typically I put in 12 or more hours a day. It's hard work, like I said, but I really appreciate it that Mr. Hart was willing to give me a job. I don't know what I would have done otherwise - probably ask my parents for some money? Although I worried that my dad might say no. Not because my parents are financially strapped, but because my parents and me had a falling out (over a personal matter I'm not going to discuss here).

BTW, as I mentioned in my prior post, I DID inquire at The Swash Zone. It seemed like a large blog, what with it's multiple authors. I was hopeful that they might need someone to fetch coffees and donuts, make copies, and do some spell checking and research, but that a-hole Octo turned me down. Dude totally blew me off! He wouldn't even take my call!

Anyway, at the end of the day I guess I'm just glad to have a job. Although the sex stuff does make me quite uncomfortable. That's the part I dislike the most.

Byline: This 210th LLIN blog entry was written by Arnie Hanson, assistant to the current proprietor of LLIN, Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart (purveyor of unfacts). LLIN-210.

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