Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lester Nation's Last Post On LLIN As "Lying Lester"

It is with some sadness in my heart that I announce that this will be my last post on Lying Lester's Irrational Nation. The reason? I have found someone to take over this blog... another superior individual such as myself who is fanatical in his support and admiration of Ayn Rand and Gary Johnson.

Who is this person, you might ask? Well, look to the new header, sidebar pic, and profile image. These are photos (edited by me) of my good friend Lyle Lester. Some coincidence, huh? His last name is the same as my first name!

This is a friend I lost touch with long ago. Fact is, I hadn't heard from my good buddy Lyle in almost 20 years. Long story short, we recently reconnected when I ran into him at the yearly Ayn Rand convention.

We got to talking, and well, the idea of taking over this blog really appealed to Ol' Lyle. So I, Lester Nation, went to work modifying the banner and other images to get things ready for my friend.

That is why this is my last post. As soon as it is finished (and I click on "publish") I plan on turning over everything to my good buddy Lyle... an individual who I know I can trust. This means that he'll be posting using the "Lying Lester" Blogger ID I created. He said he liked the ID so he would keep it as is (with the exception of changing the image).

So, even though "Lying Lester" will continue to blog and comment here... it won't be me, it will be my friend Lyle using the "Lying Lester" ID. (My friend is new to Blogger and did not already have an account/ID).

By the way, do you think my friend looks a little like 2008 Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson? I've heard some people say he does (look like Gary Johnson). Myself, I don't see much more than a passing resemblance.

Anyway, I'd like to take the opportunity to say goodbye to all my loyal readers... as well as encourage them to stick around. Lyle is an as good, if not better writer than myself... and trust me, that is HIGH praise!

Also, I may stop in and comment from time to time, although it will be under my rAtional nAtion uSA Blogger ID, given the fact that it is the only blogger ID I have left (excluding the sock puppets I am not acknowledging).

You can, of course, still find me blogging over on rAtional nAtion uSA, where I've decided to go back to telling jokes and being dishonest full time. Enough of the truth-telling (here, on this blog).

In all honesty I found it refreshing (telling the truth), but it (sadly) rankled the feathers of some of my other friends (the blogger Octopus, specifically). So, now that I'm quitting LLIN, perhaps that will make Octopus happy?

There was another guy who also did not like my truth-telling on this blog, so he should also be pleased that I will not be doing so any longer. But, not to worry, LLIN will go on without me, and possibly be even better than before!

Yeah, I know that's unlikely given that Lester Nation is a pretty spectacular individual... smarter, stronger, more nimble, and more manly than the average person... but I've been over that before. (It's nothing new, in other words. Everyone already knows it is the truth).

Thing is, if anyone comes close it is my buddy Lyle. And that is absolutely not an insult (to say he comes CLOSE). In fact it is the HIGHEST of praises to say that anyone comes close to measuring up to Lester Nation!

In any case, I think it is time to wrap this up. My parting thoughts are... stick around - you won't regret it. Also, visit my humor blog, RNUSA, if you are desirous of a belly-splitting laugh.

And that is all for me. Never again will I post another commentary or comment using the "Lying Lester" ID. It is back to being Lester Nation, although that SURELY is more than enough... toodles.

Byline: This sad goodbye was written by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of purveying. LLIN-091.


  1. I am genuinely sad to see you leave, Lester. Also... welcome Lester!

  2. Who the hell cares, about you and Your Fantasies, why don't you try masturbation , you're probably better at that then at blogging.

  3. Thank you, Pete. The thoughtful comments of all are welcome here on LLIN. As for fantasizing and masturbating, I actually excel at both. Although I really don't partake in either all that often. Given that I am a *doer* there really is no need to fantasize. Except that fantasizing that comes before doing (I make my fantasies reality).

    As for masturbating Ol' Lyle does not waste much time with that. Why masturbate when you can have the real thing? (I'm talking about having sex with a beautiful woman, BTW). Not that I make a habit of bragging about such things... but you did bring it up.