Thursday, July 10, 2014

Welcome To Lying Lester's Irrational Nation: Now Under New Management

Greetings parasites (as most of you most assuredly are), my name is Lyle Lester, the new proprietor of this blog. As with the former proprietor, you can also call me Lying Lester. Lester Nation, the former proprietor gave me his blessing to take over both this blog and his "Lying Lester" persona when he turned this sight over to me.

If you like reading the idiotic and hypocritical ramblings of a devoted Ayn Rand worshiper, this is STILL the blog for you. In that respect nothing has changed. I, exactly like this blog's former proprietor, am a fanatical devotee of the Great philosopher Ayn Rand. I also happen to agree with the former proprietor's desire to see Libertarian Gary Johnson elected POTUS, although I might just vote for Lester Nation if Gary declines to run a third time.

Speaking of Gary Johnson, some people say I resemble him. Now, while that would be a great compliment (due to the fact that Gary Johnson is a very attractive man), I frankly do not see it. I did, however, work as a Gary Johnson impersonator at the last Ayn Rand convention. The event planners tried to get the real Gary, but he unfortunately could not attend.

In any case, as with the last proprietor, I also suspect that many of you who stumble upon this blog are worthless Takers, and may be offended by the stark truths I plan on continuing to reveal here. The other Lester said that was of no consequence to him, and I must agree. It is of no consequence to me either, given the fact that you are nought but lice in the eyes of the great philosopher.

Don't like it? Then you can get lost. If, however, you are an enlightened individual who recognizes that greed and rational self interest are indeed virtues, then I suggest you stick around, as the new proprietor of this blog is another deluded fool who believes just that.

OK, so that about does it for this reintroductory post, the first one under the management of me, Lyle Lester. For the record I should note that this is still not a parody blog. Like Mr. Nation before me, however, it is possible that I might be lying about that. You'll have to use your best judgement and decide for yourself.

For now... toodles.

Byline: This welcome to the new LLIN was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lyle Lester). Purveyor of purveying. LLIN-092.

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