Monday, June 13, 2016

On The "Black Africans Were Actually the Real Ancient Egyptians" Afrocentric Theory

I want you to think good and hard as to what these folks (Al Sharpton amongst them) are suggesting here. They are asserting that sub-Saharan Black Africans migrated north, created one of the greatest civilizations known to man, and then ended up back in Central Africa where they ditched all of this culture and knowledge and replaced it with primitivism (they didn't have the wheel, for Christ), tribalism, cannibalism, voodoo, and barely eking out an existence. It's an absurdity and it needs to be ridiculed. YES, ridiculed.

Because it's a fucking fact that Africoons have smaller brains. We ALL KNOW there is no fucking way Darkies could have been responsible for the accomplishments of ancient Egyptians. Scientifically speaking, it simply is NOT possible. Because Blacks are genetically inferior, for Christ! I mean, they're just as violent and primitive TODAY as they have always been!

I've heard some people say "we should have picked our own cotton", and I can't help but agree. Yeah, the crowd that says such things includes people who post on the StormFront website, but they have a very valid point (I HAVE to agree with my fellow racists here). Or realists. Calling Whites "racist" when the REAL racists are the Blacks being WAY out of line, IMO. Offensive, actually.

Byline: This racist commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-266.

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