Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Nobel Lying Lester

Greek philosopher Plato introduced "the noble lie" to politics in his "The Republic". The concept is people are for the most part not bright enough to handle their own affairs so they need a few leaders who will feed them tales to keep them in line and presumably happy, thus avoiding revolution.

One such "noble lie" from the Conservative side of the aisle is that women make less money than men for reasons other than misogyny. They work less because they're having kids and therefore have less experience and therefore make less (or other similar BS). Sounds logical, right?

Women on average make only 77 cents to every dollar earned by men. Women earn less than men because of the "choices" they make in their lives – choosing to work in less lucrative careers, to work less hours, and to take more time out of the paid labor force to stay home with children or care for elderly relatives. Some of that wage gap is the result of women being more likely to work in certain industries or occupations. But there is a preponderance of evidence... [that says] about 40 percent of the difference in men's and women's wages cannot be explained by any measurable factor. (source).

The "noble lie" is to deny this fact. Conservatives need to tell this lie because some people (women) like to think that they deserve equal pay and equal treatment to that of men. Feeding women untruths like there being no rEpublican "war on women" and fictional statistics that say they don't actually earn less for no reason are examples of such lies.

In denying these facts some say we might as well have a holiday celebrating Spider-Man's birthday. OK, but Lying Lester agrees with Ayn Rand who said there is no sex discrimination in the United States. And, if an employer won't hire you (or pay you equally because you're a woman), the intelligent employer will. So what if many employers are not intelligent and *do* discriminate against women?

I'm a man and this lie benefits me, which is why I support pay discrimination (by flat-out denying there is any)! This is why on my other blog rAtional nAtion USA (my joke blog), I tell my readers that the "noble lie" is that women don't make less - and I give the example of a leader who will "feed them tales"... Barack Obama celebrating "Equal Pay Day".

My main beef here is mostly that the so-called "wOmen's liberation" is a very false and phony issue. Feminists are just Takers who are going around asking for government handouts with their demands of "equal pay". You only get paid equally if you work equally hard... and most women don't.

Or, so those of us telling the "noble lie" would like you to believe. Me, I could care less either way. If some women work hard and achieve equal pay from an "intelligent employer" that is OK by me. But if some employers pay their female workers less simply because they are female, that is OK by me too.

As a man I'm getting paid more, which is what is important. Also important is that any and all reasons our job creators can use to give workers the shaft be preserved. The more workers our job creators can find a reason (any reason) to pay a worker (any worker) less is an economic good, IMO.

Byline: Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation) is the author of this outstanding commentary; a commentary with which I fullfill my role as a purveyor of untruth. LLIN-019.

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