Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Hate Filled lEft: No Tolerance For Lying Lester's Bullsh!t

After a week of liberal bashing from a prominent pRogressive/sOcialist/Leninist blogger of note who runs a relatively successful pRogressive/sOcialist/Leninist site I have NOW become a firm believer pRogressives present the most dangerous threat to freedom of speech and liberty there is or ever was.

Why you may ask do I say this? A fair and reasonable question. The answer to this fair and reasonable question lies in the following individual's comments made on a lIberal blog I visit fairly often. Following is an example why there can be no reasonable dialogue or bi-partisanship with the far out emotional lEft.

pRogressive-lIberal As$hole: I read the comment of Lester Nation and recalled his relentless 'liberal-bashing', as if this kind of stereotyping is somehow different from outright bullying and abuse. It is not. It is just as inflammatory and defamatory and abusive as every other kind of bullying we are forced to endure online, and his intellectual dishonesty makes me sick. Here is the arsonist trying to make everyone think he is putting out the fire. Bullshit in extremis. (Link).

OK, so these criticisms might be 100 percent accurate, but does that mean I have to like them? No way, Jose! lIberals pointing out the truth - and having no tolerance for my intolerance and intellectual dishonesty... truthful statements such as the one above are deemed by me to be propaganda from the misguided, angry, and hateful lEft. As a purveyor of poop as well as an independent conservative with strong Libertarian leanings I trust you will understand my aMazement at the obvious hatred for untruths the far extreme lEft has at it's core.

Do I not have the right to spew my own hateful drivel and falsehoods without being called on it? Some might call this attitude of mine (I can lie but won't tolerate being called on my lies) ridiculous, but I say this exemplifies the liberality extremis. As in Leninist/Stalinist ideology extreme.

The lEft is, and always has been, the first at labeling those who disagree with their progressive/socialist/Leninist ideology as UN American, racist, homophobic. and UN Patriotic. They have a lot of nerve telling the truth about fools such as myself. The logical question is this... Who is really these things?

The lEft, who believes everyone should vote, including the Poors - who will only vote themselves more unearned gifts from the gOvernment (paid for by raising taxes on successful people like Lying Lester), or fiscal conservatives like myself - people with the intelligence to realize that the wealthy SHOULD have most of the wealth of our nation?

Obviously if you're a rational individual you agree with Lying Lester about the Right of the wealthy to reign supreme. F*ck the Will of The People, Lying Lester says. gOvernment by mob rule is the wrong way to go in my informed opinion. gOvernment needs to get out of the way and allow the wealthy job creators to do their thing, which is to work toward concentrating wealth at the top.

Also, to further impoverish the mIddle cLass and the wOrking Poors... and, isn't that what we all want?

Byline: This hate-filled commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of lEftist intolerance for my intolerance. LLIN-065.

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