Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Willis Hart Contemplates A Warren Presidency

Our possible future under a Elizabeth Warren presidency? Given that Warren is a socialist/communist progressive, is it possible that such a presidency might bring mass murder to our nation?

In the USSR under Lenin, Lenin's number one henchman, Felix Dzerzhinsky - a Russian of Polish decent and quite possibly one of the toughest, cruelest men in European history - the Cheka was established. This was a no-holds-barred and totally lawless Russian secret police whose whole purpose was to crush dissent and to do so with the greatest amount of terror possible.

This "strategy" included a wholesale infiltration of every aspect of human life (big brother on steroids), mass arrests, convictions without a trial, concentration camps, hostage-taking, and of course mass/indiscriminate murder (including the murder of children and the elderly) to the tune of firing-squads working 24/7.

And talk about a militarized police force (a popular topic these days). These sons of bitches were chock to the gills with such high powered weaponry (machine guns, armored vehicles, etc.) that not only were they able to put down every peasant rebellion (and, yes, there were hundreds), they were able to annihilate them beyond belief. In fact, if it wasn't Dzerzhinsky and these brutal tactics of his, Lenin may not have ever survived and, so, yeah, I guess that you've got to give him an A+ for that.

And, so I have to wonder, would a president Warren receive the same A+? One of my regular readers and commenters on my other blog, Contra O'Reilly would likely say "YES". In any case, a Warren presidency would likely be quite dangerous, in terms of people losing their wealth and possibly their lives.

Socialists like Stalin and Lenin seem to think we need massacres to "pacify the peasants". Do we know that the American progressive is of a similar mind? Well, there was one (now banned) commenter on the blog RNUSA who is far to the Left - and he quoted Stalin to buttress his opinion. And we also know that Warren is FAR to the Left.

The Leftist meme that the system is "rigged" is one that Warren talks about frequently. So, would she want to establish a secret police, round up the opposition and start the "pacification"?

Surely one has to admit it is a possibility. A Warren presidency would be bad for the wealthy, in any case, which is why Elizabeth Warren must never be president. Not that I think it is that likely. But then Barack Obama did ascend to the highest office in the land, despite a threadbare resume. So it could happen.

Don't want you or your family to be murdered and dumped in a mass grave by a socialist tyrant? Don't vote for Warren or Sanders or any Socialist who runs as a dEmocrat in 2016 (if any). Just something to think about.

Byline: This cautionary commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of straw men. LLIN-138.

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