Saturday, August 29, 2015

On the Fact that CEOs Are Woefully Underpaid

Did you know that it's a fact that CEO Pay increased faster (from the '60s to 2000) amongst privately held corporations than it did amongst publicly held ones?

This is strong evidence that more corporations need to go private, IMO. Sky high CEO pay that decreases wages for the lowly worker being a good thing, of course. Sure, the people on the various boards taking care of their buddies is how science operates. Which is also good... but obviously not good enough.

Sure, we all want CEO wages pushed higher into the stratosphere, but public companies just aren't doing enough on that front, IMHO. I mean, according to Booth Business School economist, Steven Kaplan, CEO Compensation actually declined by 46% from 2000 to 2010, which totally outrages me!

My suspicion is that Socialist Bernie probably doesn't know about this and if he did I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't include it in his stump speeches. He's probably in favor of worker-owned co-ops where the workers share in the profits and upper management only makes a few times more than the lowest paid worker, for christ!

As opposed to thousands of times more. Which is the way it ought to be, of course. Obviously what we need is more privately owned corporations so the pay of CEOs can keep going higher. The sky ISN'T the limit when it comes to these masters of the universe. They might not deserve every penny, but so what?

You think worker pay should rise? Banish the thought. Yet, if Sanders or even Clinton gets in? It could happen. With Sanders it's likely. At least he'll push for it, because Sanders represents the politics of envy at its worst.

With Clinton? Less likely. But I don't think we should risk it. Which is why I'm voting Libertarian. Hopefully Gary Johnson will run. He knows that CEOs need extravagant pay. If it doesn't make your jaw drop and leave you dumbfounded and stunned the pay obviously isn't high enough. Even then I say keep pushing.

By the way, getting a bonus for doing a "bad" job, in that your company loses money... as many of the CEOs of Wall Street finance companies did (received big bonuses) just after the bubble burst (the one that caused our recent recession)? I say why the fuck would we want to punish CEOs for the mess caused by poor people taking out loans they weren't able to pay back?

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Champion of our underpaid CEOs. LLIN-174.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

White Wealth Matters

Want to know why I so distrust the man (AKA the bureaucrat and the Politician) with the bullhorn? It's because he also frequently carries a gun, a hangman's noose, and the keys to the penitentiary. And only citizens should be armed, damn it! And armed to the teeth, which is the citizens 2nd Amendment right. Government officials, on the other hand, should not have guns. Except for law enforcement officers. And then those guns should only be used to shoot Black people.

Because, as everyone knows Black people are extremely violent (although many are afraid to admit. Racial demagogues like Octopus). This is why Black on Black crime, as well as Black on White crime, is so damn high! Black Lives Matter? Not the lives of the Black criminals, I say. Although there is not that much of a difference between a Black person who has committed a crime and one who hasn't. The one who hasn't simply hasn't gotten around to it yet.

But, as a White man, I distrust the government bureaucrat and politician because they want to steal from me. They call it "taxing" and think they can do it simply if they're buttressed by a plurality of as puny as 50.01%.

Think about it... when Mookie and Ray-Ray break into your rich neighbor's home, steal money, and distribute it to a bunch of poor people, they will be arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned for multiple years (and rightly so). Or shot dead by the homeowner (rightly so as well). However, when the government does it? Nothing happens.

Which is why the rich people are seriously screwed, IMO. What with the government as well as Black criminals wanting to steal from them. Instead of black lives mattering, I say "White Wealth Matters".

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of telling the truth about the violent criminal Blacks. LLIN-173.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Apologies To The Hundreds Of Commenters To This Awesome Blog

It seems that, while sludging through the spam deposited here hourly by one unwelcome individual, I inadvertently deleted your comments. By the way, the reason this individual is unwelcome is because he does such a damn good job at pointing out what a moron I am. So, sorry bub, but your kind aint welcome here.

I refuse to be shown up on my own blog. So go away and take your logic with you, unwelcome commenter. Perhaps if this person were to stop submitting his factual comments that blow away my Libertarian stupidity I could actually publish some of these hundreds of legit comments that people keep submitting.

I think I'm gonna try and set up this blog where only invited guests are allowed to comment to avoid this in the future. Until then it will probably keep happening, for which I apologize in advance. To these hundreds of individuals chomping at the bit to voice your total agreement with me... I say, keep trying. Perhaps I'll figure it out? If so you'll have to email me so I can add you to the approved list.

Getting approved, by the way, is something that can be accomplished by sucking up to me. Or by at least not submitting any comments that might disrupt my echo chamber. That is, naturally, forbidden. I just don't want to deal with it. All my "facts" come from Libertarian sources, and I don't need to be distracted with any facts that come from anywhere else. Even if they are true facts. I'll stick with my false facts, thank you very much.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of Libertarian "facts". LLIN-172.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Demonizing Wealthy Makers Is The Religion of Envy At Its Worst

As I have previously stated on my other blog, Contra O'Reilly, I am an agnostic. Although, me not belonging to any organized religion can also be attributed to the fact that I've never happened upon a church that I care for. Most of the "religions" out there focus on kindness toward your fellow man, forced charity, humility, and bullshit like that. Christianity, the dominant religion in American, has a prophet that said "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of god".

Frankly I find it amazing that Republicans worship this god. I mean, clearly Jesus, the son of the god of envy, is more fitted to the Progressive ideology. Although today Progressives want to confiscate the wealth of productive Makers to distribute to lazy Takers. Jesus at least suggested that the rich man voluntarily give away his wealth so he could enter "heaven".

Progressives want to take that wealth under threat of force. Still, if the wealthy men do not give away their riches they will be denied entry into "heaven". (The fictional) Jesus said it, but Republicans (who do not think Jesus was fictional, even though he was) ignore it.

This is a major reason why I could never join an organized religion. The demonization of the wealthy producers is totally unacceptable to me. Instead of denying the superior wealthy entry into heaven, God should have told his son Jesus that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is poor to enter the kingdom of God. That is what should be written in that work of fiction known as the Christian Bible.

Because poor people do not deserve unearned rewards in the afterlife. Proof of this is their not earning any rewards in this life. I'm not saying I believe in an afterlife, which I do not, but if there was one and there were rewards to be enjoyed when a person gets there - poor people have clearly not earned them.

But rich people? They obviously have. For example, an extremely wealthy person named John D. Rockefeller a) Started His Career Working in a Small Wholesale Business Earning Less than $4 a Week, b) Through Hard Work, Vision, Tenacity, and Revolutionary Management, Eventually Presided Over One of the Most Successful Companies in Modern History, and c) Engaged in Some of the Most Staggering Levels of Philanthropy Imaginable.

Yet Progressive probably view him as a horrible person. Perhaps he should have gone into politics and passed a shitload of laws instead. Laws that would have made it even more difficult for an individual to achieve success. At least the Republicans got that right. They want to get rid of these laws that punish success.

A religion that doesn't punish success? Ayn Rand's Objectivism. That is a church that I might join... if Objectivists had churches, that is. Which they do not, given that Objectivists do not believe in the afterlife. But it could be thought of as a religion of the here and now, no?

In regards to the image below... this is the man I might say a prayer to before crawling under the covers at night. Correction - I actually have said a prayer to this god of a man. You know, just in case there is an afterlife. Being an agnostic I'm not sure. Jesus and his dad can stuff it. I am not at all interested in gaining entry into the "envy afterlife". But if John D. Rockefeller has taken his rightful place as a god? Well, sign me up for that afterlife! Because Rockefeller's "heaven" would be a meritocracy, which would shut out the lazy jealous Progressive Takers completely.

But Willis Hart? He would totally get in. Sure, I might not be ushered to the front of the line, but there would definitely be a table reserved for the Hartster, given the fact that I am far superior to the majority of you losers.

Byline: This superior commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of worshipping wealthy people. LLIN-171.