Friday, June 24, 2016

On Those Who Won't Debate The Luminarias Islamophobe Sam Harris

If you're a non-Islamophobic media figure you should agree to debate the Islamophobe Sam Harris or STFU. Sam Harris, like me, knows that Muslim ragheads are awful. In that they're totally backward. By which I mean they hold views 100 percent incompatible with our values (rational Western Whites such as myself).

One such person (someone who refuses to debate the luminarias Harris) is Abby Martin, some bimbo journalist with a BA and a job on some marginal cable channel in which she spews forth nothing but paranoiac and condescending SJW bullshit. BTW, by "paranoiac" I mean that she truthfully acknowledges how our economic system is rigged to benefit the wealthy.

Although that's something wealth-worshipping stooges like myself like to keep on the downlow. So we deny, deny, deny. Because, if a problem is widely recognized to be a problem, then people might start demanding that their elected representatives do something about it. Which I (and my fellow wealth-worshipping buddies) absolutely do not want. Which is why my standard line of BS is that the system is NOT rigged.

In any case, Abby Martin might have a BA, but that in no way indicates that she's intelligent. I know for a fact that she has an IQ somewhere in the mid-90s. Although, to be completely honest, this is a "fact" I pulled straight out of my ass.

Still, I think it's likely that Martin is a moron. Because she won't debate Sam Harris. And, as everyone knows, the ONLY to determine who's right and who's wrong (when two people have opposing viewpoints) is for them to debate.

The lack of self-awareness here is staggering. I mean, does this slant-headed bitch actually think that she would stand a chance in a debate with Harris? ON ANYTHING? My lord, Harris is a genious! (a "fact" I know in the same way I know Martin is a mental midget).

And she's a woman, so that's another factor working against her. What with women generally not being as intelligent as men. And Leftist women (in particular) always (as far as I know) being deficient, brain-wise. They wouldn't be Leftists if they were smart. Duh!

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of Islamophobia and Misogyony. LLIN-274.

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