Monday, August 11, 2014

Iraq and the oBama Almost Strategy

President Obama, in his signature style is taking quarter measures to prevent immediate genocide by the ISIS in Iraq. Neither pResident oBama or the western democracies are will to admit that the terrorist networks that adhere to the cult of iSlam are determined to take control of the mIddle eAst as well as the entire globe. Until they do, and take the necessary military action to crush every single one of the filthy lice ridden barbaric terrorist organizations this problem will forever be with us all.

Even democratic Senator Feinstein recognizes "It takes an army to defeat an army". However she stopped short of addressing the core of the problem or offering any serious alternatives to the pResident's response. And, even though Lying Lester opposed the initial invasion of Iraq, he must admit now that the only serious alternative that now exits would be to re-invade iRaq.

That, or simply nuke it... although the world community would likely condemn the US for such an action and label oBama a "war criminal"... and, although US presidents have a history of getting away with war crimes, this "war crime" is likely one that the rest of the world would not tolerate.

So, the only answer appears to be going back to iRaq and occupying it again. Although, short of nuking them, I'm sure we could get away with a little SHOCK & AWE before our troops hit the ground and start slaughtering every Muzzie they see! What I'm saying is that I think we need to KILL KILL KILL as many of these dirty flea-infested towel-headed goat-f*cking camel-jockey sand-monkeys as we possibly can using conventional weapons.

Frankly, and in all honesty, Lying Lester would like to see these mOhamed-worshiping vermin wiped from the face of the earth, and that INCLUDES the so-called "innocents". Hell, Lying Lester would strangle an "innocent" Muzzie baby in it's crib with his bare hands if given the opportunity! Or, I'd take a machine gun and mow down as many "innocent" Muzzie females in their beekeeper's getups I could target!

But our current lEftist pResident obviously does not have the balls to do what needs to be done. Which would be to re-invade with the objective of putting down as many of these rabid flea and lice infested Osama-loving carpet-piloting Abduls as possible.

Byline: This excellent and totally non-bigoted commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Islamaphobia. LLIN-103.

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