Sunday, July 31, 2016

But, Benghazi! Also, Mike Brown's Life Did Not Matter

Did you see the kanipshin thrown by those guttersnipes on MSNBC (Matthews, MadDUH, etc.) when Pat Smith, the deluded Mother of Sean Smith (one of the victims of the Benghazi Attacks), was allowed to speak at the RNC? She's a Conservative who's bought into the Conservative BS that says Hillary Clinton is personally and wholly responsible for her son's death.

This, despite the fact that HRC has been cleared by multiple REPUBLICAN investigations. You better believe it that, if there had been something, ANYTHING, that could have been found that would pin the whole thing on Hillary, Congressional Republicans would have found it. Instead, bupkis.

But Sean Smith's mother (clearly a Conservative) desperately wants someone to blame and thus is buying their bullshit. Hillary Clinton is directly and solely responsible for this grief stricken and addled woman's mind, and the degenerates that put her on stage clearly took advantage of this poor woman.

Re this tactic, I say BRAVO! I also want to add (re the MSNBC guttersnipes), these of course are the same individuals who trotted out the 9/11 widows to lambaste Bush and who seemingly don't have a problem with the mother of Michael Brown (a thug who robbed a convenient store and who later assaulted a cop) talking smack at the DNC. Just for the record here.

BTW (also just for the record) Michael Brown absolutely deserved an instant death penalty for what he did! Yeah, Brown was running away, so (at that point) the cop could have retreated to his vehicle and called for backup, or (after he started shooting) stopped shooting instead of unloading his weapon (believing, apparently that he was dealing with a superhuman who couldn't be stopped except by ALL of his bullets).

Instead he shot Brown dead. The head shot being the bullet that ended his life. Justifiably. Because, at least when it comes to unarmed Blacks, the cops SHOULD administer an instant death penalty! Like I said previously, the cops aren't killing ENOUGH Black men. So, yeah, whenever they get the opportunity, law enforcement should take the opportunity to kill Blacks.

Even is they need to stretch the truth... "he went for my gun" or "he was reaching for his waistband and I thought he had a gun". Neither of those statements will ever be able to be disproven, which is why they're so frequently utilized as an excuse to PUT BLACKS DOWN! Which I FULLY support.

BTW, in regards to Mike Brown's mom... fuck her! Stupid bitch raised a THUG with no respect for his White superiors (nor Asian superiors). All I can say is thank goodness this violent animal is in the grave.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of racism. LLIN-304.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

On The Fact That I Don't Consider Myself An "American"

Did you know that, even after the Constitution was ratified by every state, New Yorkers, Virginians, etc. continued to identify themselves by their state of residence, rather than by their national citizenship?

Yeah, the centralizers, gun-toters and cronies (Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln, Wilson, the Roosevelts, etc.) eventually put a screaming halt to that (self-determination only being a good thing for Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, etc. apparently), and now we're ALL "Americans".

Although it's mostly because I hate democracy so much that I don't consider myself an American, but rather more of a sovereign citizen. By which I mean that, while I don't consider myself a member of the movement, I do subscribe to many of their beliefs. Sovereign citizens, for example, "especially reject most forms of taxation as illegitimate".

Which I do. I continue to pay taxes, however. But only because I know that jackbooted agents of the State will show up on my doorstep with a guns and threaten my life if I don't. Yeah, I refuse to voluntarily participate in a system that steals from productive people to give to lazy unproductive people.

I do participate involuntarily, but only because I value my life and don't wish to be murdered or imprisoned. The fact remains, however, that I never signed the social contract, which is why I REALLY resent having to pay anything toward the "common good". AKA redistribution, AKA theft, which is (obviously) evil.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-303.

Friday, July 29, 2016

As A Libertarian, I Can Confirm That I Hate Democracy

This is an accusation that is often flug at Libertarians. Instead of denying it, I can confirm that it is absolutely TRUE. Fact is, I do agree with James Madison's view of Democracy, which is that "it is the most vile form of government".

And of course he's correct in that the inevitable results of pure democracy are mob-rule, socialism, plunder, subjugation of the minority, and a total abandonment of the non-aggression principle (sometimes leading to war or genocide). I mean, just look at Zimbabwe and South Africa for starters. Fucking hellholes!!

Me, I would MUCH prefer a benevolent dictatorship lead by a coalition of the uber-wealthy elites, perhaps with Gary Johnson serving as a figurehead. "King Gary" or "Emperor for life Johnson" sounds a HELL of a lot better to me than President Hillary Clinton (*shudder*)

BTW, as far as our new dictator's "benevolence" goes, I only mean there would be no mass murdering in the oligarchy. Unlike socialist dictatorships, under which the State usually kills millions. Directly. Indirect deaths (those due to starvation) would likely be similar. Or perhaps even greater. Due to our new oligarchic overlords abolishing ALL welfare.

The result being that millions of worthless Takers would (given their refusal to work) bite it. Or, as Ayn Rand said (in regards to the poor man) "If he does not choose to live, nature will take its course". Ha ha ha ha! Perfect!

If that utopia ever came about? It would SURELY cause me great joy to hear the news of the day. Because the top story would likely be a report on how bodies of worthless poor people were collected and incinerated that day. Of course it wouldn't go on for too long. Sooner or later the US would purged of it's parasite infestation. And that would be a day to par-tay! Emperor Johnson would likely declare a national holiday.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-302.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Warned You About That Treacherous Rodent, The Homely Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Now that we know for certain (via the Wikileaks release of the hacked DNC emails) that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the rest of those goons at the DNC were busily stacking the deck against Bernie Sanders in an effort to pave the way for Hillary Clinton I must say...

I tried to warn the left about this was going to happen way back in 2012. I knew then that Bernie Sanders would run for the Democratic nomination, but that he wouldn't get it because of DNC meddling (under Schultz). But they wouldn't listen. I remember writing over and over on ALL the Lefty blogs that this would happen. I even went as far as to purchase an auto-dialer which I set up to call every number in every phone book (at GREAT expense to myself) and play my pre-recorded warning.

That's how desperate I was to spread the message about DWS. I, being a genuine honest-to-God mind-reader, knew this would happen. I read the "mind" of DWS as well as that of B-S and therefore knew B-S would run for president, and DWS (in her capacity as DNC chair) would betray him.

What can I say, that's just how good of a mind-reader I am (I'm available for parties/conventions/etc, btw. I only charge $1600 plus a few beers. Something imported). I'm not so good at convincing Leftists of shit, obviously. But their heads are so far up their butts nobody would have any luck in that department. Maybe they'll listen to me now?

Almost forgot to mention... I also warned Lefty bloggers of how Ugly (with a capital U) Schultz is. In fact (now that I think of it), I probably issued warnings about Debbie's grotesque appearance a FEW more times than I warned about her future treachery. 200 or so times more at the most. I'm talking about online (not counting the auto-dialer). Obviously, if you count that, then I probably issued in excess of 700 million warnings.

Should have been enough. But clearly it wasn't. Liberals being completely blindsided by the WikiLeaks email dump. They didn't see it coming. Even though I warned them. But then, they all think DWS (a total uggo) is beautiful. Really. wd wanted (still wants?) to kiss and marry her, I think. Something, should I think about it for too long, would surely cause me to lose my lunch!

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of judging women based on their looks. LLIN-301.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Those Twitter Fuckers Are Among The Worst People On The Planet! I Hate Them And Wish They Were All Dead

Did you know that Twitter had to be sued before they took down the tens of thousands of ISIS related accounts... but didn't hesitate one second to ban Milo Yiannopoulos over some racist tweets that his followers were dishing out?

So, free speech for ISIS but not for Yiannopoulos (AKA the "most fabulous supervillain on the Internet"). A man I consider a hero, btw. Given that "he is a vocal critic of third wave feminism, Islam, social justice theory, [and] political correctness". So the fuck what if "he directly attacked Jones, calling her barely literate and describing her as a man" (This would be Leslie Jones of SNL and the rebooted Ghostbusters)?

I mean, Jones DOESN'T look manish? No way you can deny that she does. Point is, how is it Milo's fault if some of his Twitter followers then continued the attack, throwing some very racist tweets into the mix?

Addressing the ban, Yiannopoulos said "With the cowardly suspension of my account, Twitter has confirmed itself as a safe space for Muslim terrorists and Black Lives Matter extremists, but a no-go zone for conservatives?". To which I say "right on".

Previously Yiannopoulos told a female journalist that she "deserved to be harassed" in response to her complaints about threatening messages she had been receiving due to an article Yiannopoulos had written about her. Clearly his follower got the message after this incident, which is why Twitter held Yiannopoulos responsible.

But people are constantly being bullied and threatened on Twitter (with complaints being filed) and the only time that these Twitter dullards do something about is when it either A) embarrasses them or B) provides them with some lame opportunity to virtue-signal to minorities, their fellow progressives, etc.

Amongst the worst human beings on the planet are those without a consistent moral yardstick and, yes, consider Twitter added to that list. Which I totally have, BTW. Meaning I can stand in judgement and do so completely without hypocrisy.

IMO they've either got to hire a shitload more people to police Twitter and ban all offenders, or immediately reinstate Milo Yiannopoulos and allow him to continue harassing women and (in general) being a total asshole.

Me, I favor the latter. Because, how ridiculous is it that a Conservative can't refer to a hulking woman as a man without being criticized and blamed for encouraging the haters? And, as for his comment that Jones is "barely literate"... she is Black, isn't she? So she was hired (initially) as a writer for SNL? What does that prove?

Point is, Milo Yiannopoulos is a Conservative, and that's why he got banned. As well as an asshole. Not that there is anything wrong with that (I say this as an asshole myself). And he was previously suspended twice. That probably was the deciding factor. Oh, and also that BS I mentioned earlier about "virtue signaling".

If I were dictator of the US for a day one of my first directives would be to nuke 1355 Market Street Ste. 900 in San Francisco, California. Not a full blown nuke, mind you, just one of those so-called tactical nukes.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-300.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

I, Willis Hart, Am Totally Full Of Shit (I Say This As A Compliment To Myself, btw)

Regarding Donald Trump and the homos? Well, he does want to keep people out of the country who overwhelmingly think that gay folks should be put to death. Gotta give him credit for that at least.

According to the Ragheads "Homosexuality is one of the most disgusting sins and greatest crimes... It is a vile perversion that goes against sound nature, and is one of the most corrupting and hideous sins... The punishment for homosexuality is death. Both the active and passive participants are to be killed whether or not they have previously had sexual intercourse in the context of a legal marriage... Some of the companions of the Prophet stated that [the perpetrator] is to be burned with fire. It has also been said that he should be stoned, or thrown from a high place".

Above quotes from the Saudi Ministry of Education Textbooks for Islamic Studies: 2007-2008 Academic Year Center for Religious Freedom of Hudson Institute.

And, as we know, THIS is the guy who speaks for all the mussies. BTW, that Mike Pence is strongly anti-gay? Who the fuck cares? It isn't if the Republican platform this year isn't the most anti-gay platform in the party's history. Oh, wait, it is?

And Pence also voted for the Iraq war and is in favor of the TPP. Conclusion? That Donald picked this guy (who opposes much of what Donald is running on), is definitive proof that Donald Trump is bullshitting us. Which I like. I mean, if I didn't I wouldn't continually give him props when the guy is clearly totally full of shit, right?

Which, btw, is also a good thing. I say this as a blogger who is totally full of shit most of the time myself. And what's wrong with being full of shit?

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-299.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

On The Fact That Young Black Bucks Spend A Lot Of Their Time Stealing Donuts & Feeling Up White Women

Yeah, and it's outrageous! Hands off our women, I say. But the cops (knowing fully well that black suspects resist arrest at a far greater rate than the white, Asian, and Hispanic ones do) just don't need the hassle and would much prefer to let that black kid have the stolen donut or the cheap feel than end up on MSNBC, The HuffPo, etc. looking like the bad guy. I mean, I wouldn't take the risk. Would you?

Hopefully when Trump is president the cops can just shoot the vermin dead. I say this because the disparity between White and Black arrest rates in New York City actually goes down when you look at the less serious offenses; petit larceny, misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor sexual misconduct, etc.

There are of course various interpretations for this. But the one that makes the most sense to me is that OF COURSE Blacks, when they break the law, break the more serious ones. Because they are genetically prone to violence. Look it up. Yes, many of the links that are returned will probably direct you to the Stormfront website, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-298.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Elderly Blacks Know How Violent & Prone To Criminality Young Blacks Are (Having Been Young Violent Criminals Themselves Once)

It is a fact that there are elderly Black people in New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, etc. who are literally too afraid to leave their apartments to get the mail unless there's a police officer present.

And yes, escorting people to their mailboxes is a MAJOR service performed by the police. Which, like you, I did not know. But the article I read laid it out. Don't believe me? Find the article and see for yourself. I'd link to it, but I forgot the title. But I'm sure you'll be able to find it.

If not? Then just take my word for it. I am not a liar. BTW, notice that the media and political class don't seem all that interested in these folks? Easy to see why. Better old Blacks are victimized by the violent young bucks than old Whites like myself.

Fact is, I hold these elderly Black nimrods (at least) partially responsible, given the fact that a high percentage of them probably vote Democrat. If they'd wise up and vote for Gary Johnson... then things would change. In that they'd die, because Gary would eliminate their freebies. But then the remaining Blacks would get the message that they need to WORK instead of mooch.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-297.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

On The Fact That Every Time I Date A Chick She Cries "Rape" When I Attempt To Force Myself On Her

Yeah, I think holing up in a brothel for two or three days with a case of whiskey and an infinite supply of stogies and chocolate bars would be FAR preferable. Preferable to dealing with bitches that refuse to put out. This after I treat them to a moderately expensive meal! Frankly I'm getting sick of it.

That, plus all the women who know me steer clear now that it's gotten out that I went on trial for "rape". Even though the case was dropped and I was set free. Apparently I'm a pariah now. At least among the radical Marxist feminists.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-296.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chicks Are Dumb

Luminary Steven Pinker reports that it is a fact that, at the 760 SAT mark for math, males for outnumber females 7 to 1. Of course this is not entirely environmental, it's because men have superior brains. And, by the way, (and as Steven Pinker says), the truth cannot be sexist!

Although, at the risk of being referred to as a misogynist, I'll say that men and women have different aptitudes. Yeah, that's the ticket. Sarcasm, yes. I say this at the risk of getting myself fired. Damn it, but I think some radical Marxist feminazis I work with found this blog and MIGHT read this.

Also (quoting Pinker) "if the findings come out as showing a sex difference, one would either have to say, I guess sex discrimination wasn't so bad after all, or else furiously suppress or distort the findings so as to preserve the ideal".

And he's absolutely right, folks. On average chicks simply are not as smart as men. Oh, and that woman have, or still are, being discriminated against is largely bullshit. Not that there has been NO discrimination, but the meme that we live in a "patriarchy" is asinine bullshit.

Women need to shut the hell up about "equal pay", "rape culture", and similar crap made-up by the regressive Left. Sorry, but yes. Oh, and make me a sandwich and fetch me a beer. Ha ha ha.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-295.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dick Morris Is A Loser. Yet, Not As Much Of A Loser As WD. Trust Me On This. I Hired A PI To Investigate Him

Did you know that Dick Morris is now employed at Newsmax, a low budget new station that I Can access for free on my Roku? Yeah, I guess that that's what happens (a major demotion) when you make one idiotic prognostication after another. Oh well, at least the fellow's still working.

As opposed to that fucker wd, a slant-headed miscreant blogger who obviously isn't. I mean, how else would he have time to write so many posts. For this year alone the total is up to 636! Yikes! The dude is clearly not working! If he was he wouldn't have the time to write 636 fucking posts.

Oh, no wait... that's MY blogging total. For my Contra O'Reilly blog (not counting the posts I've written for this blog).

Don't jump to any conclusions, however. In my case the fact that I blog 3 times a day (almost every day) means nothing. Blogging a lot only equals unemployment in wd's case, NOT mine. I'm a winner with a job that I make a LOT of money doing. And for which I get a LOT of respect. You can trust me on that.

As for wd, the REAL reason I know he is jobless is because I hired a private investigator to look into it. I only suspected that wd was a parent-basement-dwelling loser, but after I got the PI report I knew it for a fact.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of knowing everything there is to know about wd. LLIN-294.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Police Aren't Killing Enough Blacks

The police killings of Black suspects are usually justified. A Black man has a gun that he intends to use to shoot an officer of the law. He has committed a crime and MUST be taken into custody before he hurts anyone. Under these circumstances the police have no choice but to shoot the suspect dead.

These shootings are totally justified. Too bad for the families of the dead Black criminal. But when you break the law you risk you life. Especially if you do it with a gun. But get this - according to the University of Toledo's Robert Johnson - from 2009 to 2012, an average of 4,472 Black men were murdered by other Black men. Annually! This is a stat that is ludicrously out of proportion when compared to Whites.

This, while the number of Black men killed by cops was 112 per year (with a significant number of them being justified. My conclusion? The police aren't killing ENOUGH Black criminals. I mean, yes, the Blacks are doing their part by killing each other. But it's clearly not enough! Seriously the obvious solution to this problem is for the cops to exterminate more Blacks. As many as possible. Whether the killing is justified or unjustified. Either method is fine by me.

Because Black lives matter, each and every one... as much as a bucket of warm piss. The fewer of these animals there are, the lower the crime rate. And the less law abiding Whites like me will be victimized by these animals. It's that simple. Plus we save money on trying and incarcerating.

This is why I ALWAYS come down on the side of the police officer when some wild Black animal is put down. Maybe the officer really had no choice, or maybe he just didn't want to take a chance. Why the hell should police officers risk their lives? Better to shoot (and shoot to kill) than take a risk, I say.

Which is why I say that if the officer sees a gun, or suspects there might be a gun, they should shoot the Black DEAD. Even if a cop shoots a Black dead, then lies about thinking they had a gun. So the fuck what? The thing to remember is that the more Blacks put down the better. Sorry, but yes.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of racism. LLIN-293.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Gun Rights Are For Whites

While I don't own a gun myself, I am a BIG supporter of gun rights. With one caveat. Gun rights should be for Whites (and possibly Asians) only. Black people should not own guns. I reached this conclusion, btw, after listening to that asshole Obama's speech at the funeral for those 5 murdered Dallas police officers.

A speech during which he simultaneously stated that a) police violence against young Blacks isn't isolated but systemic and b) the vast majority of cops are good, honest, and hard-working. Yeah, he's trying to thread the needle here (unsuccessfully, I would say))))).

What kind of an person would give yet another boneheaded and divisive speech on race (drawing a moral equivalence between the cold-blooded murder of those five cops in Dallas with the death of those two black guys whose small brains at least partially contributed with their demise) AND DO IT AT A FUCKING FUNERAL? I mean, I don't know about you but that totally creeped me out.

Proof Blacks should NOT own guns!! Either they use them to commit crimes, or carry them and get themselves shot when pulled over or otherwise confronted by the police (and they have a gun either on their person or in their car). Why? Because the cops SHOULD always assume that a Black with a gun intends to use it to kill them (Blacks being inherently criminal and violent).

This is why Blacks should absolutely NOT own guns! Not that we could pass a law prohibiting this (Constitutional reasons). But Blacks with guns - even if they have them legally and for self protection only - should expect to be shot if the cops catch them with one. Sorry, but yes.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-292.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Police Should Be Able To Kill As Many Blacks As They Want

In fact, being that the black murder rate is fully 6 times that of whites (17.5 per 100,000 versus 2.6 per 100,000) with the perpetrators being 93% other black people, I'm actually quite insulted that Black Lives Matter makes an issue of cops killing Black people.

Why this bullshit is being placed not just at my doorstep but the law enforcement community's, I can't comprehend. STOP BLOWING YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT. Much of it over foolishness; half-eaten Snickers bars, Air Jordan sneaks, some big-butted heifer, a slight, etc!

Until then BLM should shut the hell up. Blacks are killing each other, so why the hell shouldn't cops be able to kill them? Justified or unjustified, who gives a fuck? In either case I say... blast away. Because Black lives do NOT matter. This according to the Black community for Christ!

BTW, don't believe me that darkies are killing each other over half-eaten Snickers bars, Air Jordan sneaks, some big-butted heifer or slight? Tough. I'm going to keep saying it and NEVER provide any evidence that any darkie has been killed by another darkie for such a reason. I must have read it somewhere. You don't know how to use Google?

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-291.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On The Odds of a White Person Being Able To Have An "Honest Conversation" About Race with Obama, Holder, Or Any Leftist Minstrel

Yeah, probably about the same as Bridget Bishop, Rebecca Nurse, and Giles Corey had when those folks tried to have an honest conversation about witchcraft with the douche-bag magistrates in Salem circa 1692. Zero, in other words.

Blacks won't honestly discuss race because they're all racists. Except for the Conservative Blacks. Obviously they aren't racist.

Clearly they must have bigger brains than your average darkie. Probably a result of one of their ancestors being raped by a White guy. Or somehow otherwise being cross-bred. Because, as we all know, Blacks are genetically less intelligent than Whites. But also much more prone to violence and criminality.

And THAT is why Obama, Holder, etc will NEVER honestly discuss race. They won't admit that most Africoons are violent and dumb. Even though Obama was born to a White woman, and therefore is more intelligent. Meaning he KNOWS what he's doing is dishonest.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-290.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Violent Black Cops Shooting Violent Black Criminals!

Did you know that it's a fact that (according to University of Pennsylvania Sociologist, Greg Ridgeway) a Black police officer is 3.3 times more likely to fire his weapon at a crime scene than a White, Asian, or Hispanic officer?

No, of course you did not! Because the Liberal media won't report this. The PDF is available on the internet, BTW, so go find it yourself if you don't believe me.

And, gee, I wonder who a virtual shitload of those victims might be. Any ideas, folks? Yeah, that's right... it's other violent Blacks! Time to purge the PO of all Black officers? If you want to appease the Black Lives Matter racists, this might be something to consider.

Because it isn't the White cops who are shooting all the Black suspects, only a small portion of them. These latest shootings being anecdotes. Anecdotes that the Liberal media and racist BLM folks point to, in a futile effort to make it LOOK like White racist cops are the problem. Which they aren't. As usual it's the inherently criminal and violent Blacks!

The Left's response is that something called "institutional racism" is to blame... to which I say "yeah, right"! Sarcastically, btw. Because like with "white privilege", "male privilege" and "patriarchy", "institutional racism" is just another made-up term for something that does not exist.

Made up by self-hating Whites and their minstrel allies (minstrels = Black liberals who have a media platform). Made up so they can shift blame for criminality to White conservatives. When WE ALL KNOW Blacks are inherently violent and criminal. Most likely due to their smaller brains.

Which is a scientific fact!! I point this out in case any Lefty trolls attempt to call me racist for stating scientific facts. Sorry, but no.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of racism. LLIN-289.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

On The Fact That Former Fox News Anchor, Gretchen Carlson, Is Now Accusing Her Former Boss, Roger Ailes, of Sexually Harassing Her On The Job

Yeah, I strongly suspect that this story won't be leading off the Kelly File, Hannity or duh Factor any time soon. The other networks - that's a different story!!

Me, I think the biotch should have just slept with him. I mean, the primary reason Fox hires the skirts is as eye candy, and for that reason Carlson should have been grateful for her job. And to her boss, who approved her high salary. Was he that out of line to expect a little sugar in return? I say no.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of misogyny. LLIN-288.

Friday, July 8, 2016

On The Fact That Somebody Got To FBI Director James Comey

That someone got to him is the only thing that explains why he let Corrupt Hillary off the hook. What I'm wondering now was if it was a bribe or a threat? Maybe HRC promised he could keep his job in her administration? Or perhaps she (or Obama) threatened to kill his family if he didn't reach the right conclusion?

I don't know. Perhaps further investigations by the Republican Congress will uncover the truth? I won't hold my breath... but if somehow how they did? Surely that would throw the election to Donald Trump.

I mean, everything that Comey said in his presentation pointed straight to a recommendation to indict (the fact that dozens of these messages were considered classified AT THE TIME, the fact that her server wasn't even as secure as Gmail, his admission that other people would have been penalized for these transgressions, etc). And then, kaboom, nothing!!!

It's outrageous! If there were a march to protest the fact that HRC hasn't been indicted... I'd support it. That bitch belongs behind bars. No matter that there was a much worse email scandal under the Bush administration (one that involved the destruction of 22 million emails in order to cover up election thievery directed by AG Gonzales).

But Bush hasn't been president for 8 years!! Everyone knows that if you commit political crimes and get away with them... you're in the clear and nobody should never talk about them again. And everyone also knows this only applies to Republicans. Sorry, but yes.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-287.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

On the Claim that Killing One Bad Man In Yemen (Often Along with 25 Innocent Ones) Via Remote Control Constitutes Self-Defense

Sounds more like cold-blooded murder to me but, hey, what do I care? We're only talking about some backward savages, after all. Some might say the less of these people in the world the better.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-286.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

On The Fact That All Climate Scientists Who Say AGW Is Real Are Corrupt & On The Take

No, I don't have any proof that I'm going to present. But, think about it... scientists don't like to travel coach any more than the rest of us do and so OF COURSE these two-bit whores are going to tell the government what it wants to hear - namely, that the world is going to end and that homo sapiens are the cause.

Yeah, there surely is a lot more money on the other side... Big Oil shelling out loads of cash to cover up the truth. But scientists on that side of the debate are incorruptible. At least they wouldn't sell out for first class plane tickets, no way.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of climate change denialism. LLIN-285.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

If You're White Know That Black People Want You Dead

In regards to the paradigm of "Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, and Europe/North America for everybody"... It does seem a little anti-white (not to mention, hypocrisy-ladened), does it not?

Not that I want to go to Africa, mind you. I mean, given the fact that a black person is 25 times more likely to violently attack a White person than the other way around they're probably chomping at the bit for White people to murder over there. Not that they aren't murdering each other all the time. But a White guy? They'd probably end up fighting each other regarding who gets to murder me. If I was foolish enough to visit there, that is.

Which I am not, btw. What I'm saying is that violent Black animals aren't welcome in White neighborhoods for good reason. If you're a darkie prowling for a White victim, I say STAY THE HELL OUT! Because If I see you... I'll call the cops and they'll beat your ass. At a minimum. Perhaps they'll see that you're reaching for your gun and shoot you dead!

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-284.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

On Slant-Headed British Millennials Who Are Trying to Equate Britain's Leaving the European Union with Fascism

So, giving more and more power to some distant and corrupt central authority ISN'T fascism but self determination is? Man oh man is this current generation ever dumb.

Oh, and what the hell is wrong with wanting to keep Muslims out of your country? Sure, if you can import harmless hardworking brown people to do manual labor jobs for low pay... that's great. But importing brown people who will leach off the natives (via the welfare state) or (worse yet) commit terroristic acts? Sorry, but no.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-283.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Koran = Evil

When the U.S Confederation government (circa 1786) sent Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to Tripoli to negotiate an end to the Barbary Pirates' illegal raiding of U.S. vessels, Tripoli ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahamas told the two U.S. Diplomats that "It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and the duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise".

Yep, and it's good to see that they've made such progress in the last 230 years. Douche-bag ragheads. To bad that when Thomas Jefferson became President (and refused to pay tribute, instead sending a United States Naval fleet to the Mediterranean where they bombarded the various fortified pirate cities, ultimately extracting concessions of fair passage from their rulers), he didn't instead wipe them out.

Or continue bombardment until maximum casualties were inflicted, at least. Today I'm thinking we should just nuke em. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. Ann Coulter said we should nuke them, and perhaps there's something to that idea. I mean, as a Libertarian I'm opposed to war, but you simply can NOT reason with these savages. So we might not have any choice but to annihilate them.

And, if we simply dropped a bunch of nukes it would be over and done with fairly quickly (no protracted war, costing the US blood and treasure). Sure, that would be genocide (and some peaceful ragheads might be killed), but who really gives a shit about the lives of backward barbarians? Not me, that's for sure.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of Islamophobia. LLIN-282.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Seriously, I'd Like To Beat The Crap Out Of Chris Hayes, Re His Stoogish & Pitiful Attempt To Defend The Repugnant Mrs. Clinton (What A Piece Of Shit She Is!)

I actually watched Chris Hayes for several minutes interview some equally partisan and obnoxious buffoon from Media Matters the other night but promptly had to turn the channel when these two pseudo-intellectual douchebags started spinning faster than Ann Miller and Janet Leigh in "Two Tickets to Broadway" in what was obviously a pitiful attempt to defend the repugnant Mrs. Clinton in regards to... ???

I don't actually recall what they were defending her on. Probably regarding her criminal actions relating to having a private email server (sending classified information). Or it might have been in regards to her criminal actions regarding Benghazi (lying to families about the attack being linked to some idiotic video).

All I know is that I changed the channel very quickly. Which is something I do quite a bit... tune into MSNBC and then change the channel promptly. Usually no more than 20 to 30 times a day. The rest of the time I spend watching the hotties on Fox News. Yeah, I'd be able to stomach MSNBC for longer periods of time if they put some hot women on it. Hot lesbians would be awesome... but NOT Rachel Maddow for sure!

Anyway, do these people (and, yes, I would put Hannity in this class, too) simply not realize how idiotic and transparent that they look? I mean, I understand that they're aiming at a specific audience and all but I would tell 'em straight up that if their goal is to persuade the undecided, this 1970s pro wrestling good versus evil silliness ain't gonna do it. It's not.

Hot lesbians smooching... that would do it.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-281.