Saturday, August 22, 2015

White Wealth Matters

Want to know why I so distrust the man (AKA the bureaucrat and the Politician) with the bullhorn? It's because he also frequently carries a gun, a hangman's noose, and the keys to the penitentiary. And only citizens should be armed, damn it! And armed to the teeth, which is the citizens 2nd Amendment right. Government officials, on the other hand, should not have guns. Except for law enforcement officers. And then those guns should only be used to shoot Black people.

Because, as everyone knows Black people are extremely violent (although many are afraid to admit. Racial demagogues like Octopus). This is why Black on Black crime, as well as Black on White crime, is so damn high! Black Lives Matter? Not the lives of the Black criminals, I say. Although there is not that much of a difference between a Black person who has committed a crime and one who hasn't. The one who hasn't simply hasn't gotten around to it yet.

But, as a White man, I distrust the government bureaucrat and politician because they want to steal from me. They call it "taxing" and think they can do it simply if they're buttressed by a plurality of as puny as 50.01%.

Think about it... when Mookie and Ray-Ray break into your rich neighbor's home, steal money, and distribute it to a bunch of poor people, they will be arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned for multiple years (and rightly so). Or shot dead by the homeowner (rightly so as well). However, when the government does it? Nothing happens.

Which is why the rich people are seriously screwed, IMO. What with the government as well as Black criminals wanting to steal from them. Instead of black lives mattering, I say "White Wealth Matters".

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of telling the truth about the violent criminal Blacks. LLIN-173.

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