Friday, July 11, 2014

Welcome To The New & Improved Lying Lester Blog

Or it may not be "improved"... only time will tell. Surely it will be hard to top the outstanding job my predecessor, Lester Nation did.

I will surely try, however. In any case, I, Lyle Lester, this blog's new proprietor, welcome you to "my" blog. Mine, in that it now belongs to me. Not "mine", in that I started it or posted that many commentaries.

I am, truth be told, new to blogging. I am not, however, new to fanatically worshipping the great philosopher Ayn Rand. I have been doing that for many years. That is, actually, how I meet this blog's former owner, the esteemed Mr. Nation. It was at one of the legendary Ayn Rand conventions, the latest of which just recently wrapped up.

That is where I reconnected with my old friend. It was a hot July 3rd in Los Vegas where I bumped into Mr. Nation. "Where have you been all these years?" my old friend asked. "I, unfortunately, have not been attending the conferences regularly", I responded.

As to why, that is a personal matter that I may go into with a future commentary. Suffice to say it had been awhile since I had attended a conference. Anyway, our lengthy discussion eventually turned to Lester's problems regarding this blog.

"I am not sure why, exactly", Lester said, "but there are a number of other bloggers that take offense at my blog Lying Lester's Irrational Nation". Then he explained to me that the opinions of some of these other bloggers mattered to him, which was why he was looking for someone to take over the aforementioned blog.

Now, I cannot say I understand why the opinions of some Liberal blogger calling himself "Octopus" matter so much to my old buddy... Lester did stress the fact that he will continue to blog over on rAtional nAtion uSA, his other (first/older) blog... so maybe he has his hands full and overextended himself with a second sight?

I don't know, but perhaps Mr. Nation will stop by and post a comment explaining why, exactly, he decided he could not continue blogging here? I mean, I *did* read the past commentaries here concerning this "Octopus" and his STRONG disapproval of this blog, but yet...

Anyway, I suppose none of that matters any longer, seeing as this sight is now under new management. Lester Nation is no longer the owner of this blog. I, Lyle Lester, am now the one in charge. The similarity between our names, by the way, is purely coincidental.

What is not a coincident, however, is that we both go by the nickname/alias "Lying Lester". It isn't a coincident because nobody ever called me that. I did, however, decide to adopt the "Lying Lester" alias/persona when I took over this blog.

I mention this just so nobody is confused when I refer to myself as "Lying Lester". For the purposes of writing on this blog *I* am now "Lying Lester". Lester Nation USED to be "Lying Lester". Got it?

As for what I'll be lying about... it will actually be very little. As established by the former proprietor, this blog will be one where I tell the truth about Objectivism and Libertarianism, which is that it is an ideology that was/is designed to help achieve the worthy goal of concentrating wealth at the top.

The LYING comes into play when us Objectivist Libertarians go out into the world and try to sell our ideology to the ignorant masses. Most people simply do not get it, or agree that worshipping wealth is a positive.

This is why us Libertarians (those of us not dumb enough to actually believe the BS about bowing to the wealthy helping everybody) must lie to the public in order to get them to accept our policies (in so much as they do).

That is why my friend Lester Nation does on his blog rAtional nAtion uSA, and that is why he called himself "Lying Lester". Because he lied (and continues to lie) to his RNUSA readers.

Me, SURE, I've lied to people in regards to Libertarianism... and my (last) name IS Lester. So, me calling myself "Lying Lester" works. Although on this blog I'll be (largely) telling the truth. Why? As the former proprietor explained to me, it's an experiment to see how many people out there realize what the TRUTH is, and how many are on board with Libertarianism for the RIGHT reasons.

The RIGHT reasons being that we genuinely believe that the path we're traveling down to Oligarchy will result in the right people having all the power and most of the money. In the end, when American throws off the yoke of Democracy, that is.

Then the wealthy will rule, and will rule outright. They won't have to bribe the politicians to do their bidding because government will be small and ineffectual. Ineffectual when it comes to representing "the people" (i.e. the rAbble).

When that glorious day comes "the pEople" will no longer have ANY representation... because THE PEOPLE (the rich/important ones) will be running the show. And that, my fRiends, is a day that Lying Lester (and, in using that ID, I refer to myself/Lyle Lester) looks forward to with great anticipation.

THAT is the glorious day when the Atlases will *indeed* shrug.

Author: Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lyle Lester). Purveyor of purveying. LLIN-093.


  1. What an asinine piece of shit this blog is. It must be written by a 9 year old. or a person who was Committed to a Mental Hospital for their own good!

  2. Now....just who is lying here? Is it Lester? Is it RN? Is it WD? Is it Will? Is it dmarks?

    I'm confused.....who is lying?

  3. I have come to the conclusion that you sir are NUTS

  4. No.....he's not NUTS....he is just liberal.

  5. Actually, I'm a Libertarian. Although some people do consider us to be nuts.

  6. Actually you are all nuts the Liberals and the libertans

  7. Whatever you think you are, you are still a nut case .