Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wild Black Animals Should Be Locked Up Forever (Or Perhaps Put To Death)

It is a fact (according to former prison psychologist, Marlin Newburn) the typical street-predator sees empathy as a weakness and brutality as something to be honored. I'd also add to these facts the fact that these street predators are usually Black males who spend their time not working but getting high and fathering dozens of kids from multiple mothers. That is when they aren't dealing drugs or committing other crimes (often victimizing innocent hard-working Whites).

And being that many psychologists will tell you tell you that personality disorders (with what I've described in the preceding paragraph obviously being one) are the most difficult forms of mental illness to ameliorate, that is probably why the recidivism rate is so staggeringly high. I mean, I get it that the Left is tied at the hip to the rehabilitation paradigm and all but maybe the best strategy for some of these folks (for their safety and for the community's) is just to keep them locked up, at least until they have a marketable skill, which will be never.

So maybe we should just put them to death? I'm just asking. Because, clearly we're dealing with human garbage here. And what do we do with garbage? Send it to a landfill and cover it over. Then the problem is TRULY taken care of. As opposed to locking the garbage up... then we've go to hire people to look after the garbage, which (in addition to being extremely expensive) can also be problematic (given how violent Black animals can be).

Yes, some of these rehabilitation programs pointed to by assholes on the Left actually work (Norway having one of the lowest recidivism rates in the world at 20%, whereas the US has one of the highest at 76.6%). But should the United States be taking any cues from Norway (or any other country)? I say fuck no. That's Bernie Sanders thinking.

BTW, I absolutely do not believe that the lifelong stigmatization of anyone with criminal record (placed on ex-offenders by our laws and society) has ANYTHING to do with them not being able to get a job. Or, even if it does, I surely do not give a shit. According to the bleeding hearts on the Left "gainful employment is a necessity for an ex-prisoner trying to get back on his or her feet; it helps prevent recidivism by providing legal income and giving a person a productive role in society".

To which I say... maybe. But once someone has made a mistake I say lock them up forever (or perhaps put them to death). What I'm saying is that there shouldn't be any 2nd chances. Sorry, but no. One strike and you're out, I say. As a White guy that's just not a chance I want to take when it comes to these violent Black criminals.

Seriously, even though I'm a Libertarian I honestly believe that some people (and I think we both know who these people are) don't deserve Constitutional rights. And these rights (Constitutional ones) should be stripped from these people so we can dispose of them as necessary. By locking them up forever, or even (possibly) by exterminating them.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-249.

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