Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lying Lester's Rational Hatred For The Invading Illegals

What is Lying Lester's opinion in regards to the crisis at the border? I am positive that Lying Lester's fans are dying to know. Truth be told, Lying Lester has no hate in his hart at all for Brown people. Because I am not a racist or bigot in any way, shape or form.

With one exception. That exception would be in regards to justified "bigotry". Lying Lester LOATHES lAzy Poors that want to go on the dole and steal from hard working Americans such as himself.

Worse are lAzy Poors who aren't even American citizens. Many illegals work hard, although that does not mean Lying Lester admires those illegals. NO. They are lawbreakers who illegally entered/invaded our country and Lying Lester thinks SAYS they should all be deported.

But in this instance we are talking about illegal kids. Or illegal teens who are affiliated with gangs. The illegal children were sent by lazy Brown parents who wanted Nanny Obama to care for them. The illegal teens want to invade our country and, while at the same time line up for the free goodies nanny Obama is handing out, commit crimes and gang violence.

Lying Lester thinks these illegal kid and teen invaders should be sent home ASAP. Nanny Obama wants billions of dollars to hand out to prove we're good people. But Lying Lester is NOT a good person. Lying Lester is a RATIONAL person, and Lying Lester realizes that we can't afford to take in the world's moochers. We have enough moochers of our own!

Lazy Poors who want to mooch and invading illegals who want to mooch and commit crimes; Lying Lester hates them all - and is completely justified in his hate. Because Lying Lester is a hard working American whose ancestors emigrated to this nation LEGALLY - and Lying Lester does not want his tax money to be handed out like candy by Nanny Obama.

Is that unreasonable? Lying Lester KNOWS that it is not. What is unreasonable are the lEftist lIberals who act on eMotion and delusions of superiority - and use their pretzel logic to justify their socialist agenda. A sOcialist agenda that involves stealing from their betters AND borrowing us into bankruptcy.

These people - the lEftist lIberals and mooching invader kids - are both examples of the lice and parasites detested by Ayn Rand. And like Ayn Rand, Lying Lester detests these parasites.

Here is an idea... how about we give them one chance. The first time they are caught we brand them with a large "I" on the forehead and ship them back. The next time we catch them they're executed.

Sound harsh? Perhaps, but I doubt many will be killed. The word will quickly spread that we're not taking in the moochers any longer (we're killing them). Then they'll stop coming.

That, or we could just ignore the problem while pretending we care about it (bloviate a bunch about "illegals" and "securing the border"). That way we get to have our cake and eat it too.

The cake being Brown people who will work for low wages (and, in doing so, drive down wages for American working Poors); and the "eating it too" being whipping up rEpublicans to get out and vote by pandering to their xenophobia.

Sound good? I think so. Except in regards to the invading kids. If they're too young to work for low wages then what good are they? They should most assuredly be sent back. Now, the lIberals call those of us who do not care if they are rapped or murdered "hartless"... and they're right!

But, in regards to that, Lying Lester simply does not care. He does not care what you think about him, nor does he give a shit what happens to any of these kids. Does he want them to be murdered or raped? Of course not. But is he willing to do diddly to prevent it? Hell no!

Why not? Because I don't want to pay for it. In any case, if these kids are raped or murdered after we send them back - Lying Lester will never know. What is out of site is out of mind. As it should be.

And, anything that will help our wealthy overlords to have more of the money and everyone else (the undeserving rAbble) to have less of it... Well, anything that furthers that goal is a GOOD thing in Lying Lester's opinion.

And I am positive that Ayn Rand would agree.

Post Author: Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lyle Lester). Purveyor of purveying. LLIN-095.

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