Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bob Marley: More Crying About Poors In The Ghetto BS

Again it is time for some not so great music by a legendary artist, this time from Bob Marley. Again, Lying Lester dedicates this tune to the lIberal pRogressives, as this is the sort of tripe they surely enjoy. Bob Marley may have been a great artist, but this piece of rubbish is a definite misfire in Lying Lester's book.

Another song about worthless Poors living in ghettos? Just as Lying Lester rejected the notion in regards to the Elvis Presley tune, I reject it again when it comes from Mr. Marley's misinformed lips! What about personal responsibility and hard work?

According to an article I found titled "Top 10 Most Politically Significant Bob Marley Songs", the song "Concrete Jungle" (#9 on the list) "represents the struggle of the urban poor in the third world. Though the song refers to Arnett Gardens, a garrison in Jamaica, it could represent the poverty and tension found in any ghetto".

OK, so Bob isn't singing about a ghetto in the US, a country where ANYONE can get ahead IF ONLY they work hard. He was singing about ghettos in the 3rd world. As we all know, many countries in the 3rd world suffer under oppressive governments. Still, the description for this song says "it could represent the poverty and tension found in any ghetto". And Lying Lester has a big problem with that.

Worse yet, Bob Marley (of course!) blames the White man for the poverty of dark-skinned Poors (see below). Shame.

What follows are a few excepts from the dishonest Marley-penned tune followed by a response from yours truly (Lyrics from this website)...

Lyrics from "Concrete Jungle" by Bob Marley (with commentary by Lying Lester).

Bob Marley: No chains around my feet. But I'm not free. I know I am bounded in captivity; oh now...

Lying Lester: Depends what type of "chains" you're referring to. Regarding residents of US "concrete jungle", I'd say those people DO have chains on their feet... the chains of entitlement "gifts" that incentivize people to not work. Lying Lester says throw off those chains and provide for yourself via hard work. Only then will you truly be free.

Bob Marley: (Never known) Never known (what happiness is) what happiness is; (Never known) I've never known (what sweet caress is) what sweet caress is yeah. Still, I'll be always laughing like a clown; (oooh-oooh-oooh) Oh someone help me 'cause I (sweet life) - I've got to pick myself from off the ground.

Lying Lester: Perhaps this person Mr. Marley is singing with the voice of has never known happiness because he's a lazy welfare loafer. Providing for yourself gives one a sense of accomplishment which is the ONLY way to achieve true happiness. As for the line about picking himself off the ground... well, THAT sounds like a good idea to Lying Lester. Surely you should not expect gOvernment to do it.

And, Lying Lester MUST add that the gOvernment does it (picks people off the ground... or ATTEMPTS to) by stealing from Makers like Lying Lester... something Lying Leser does NOT appreciate! Get a job you bum!

But is that what Mr. Marley is referring to... that the residents of the concrete jungle should pick themselves up? Given that Marley believed that povery could be blamed on "oppression caused by the western world and the White man", Lying Lester is thinking NO.

Instead Bob chooses to blame the problem of the Poors (being poor) on others instead of on their own failings. Shame on Mr. Marley. Still, this does not mean that Lying Lester cannot enjoy the songs of Mr. Marley in which he does not place blame where it does not belong (something lIberal pRogressives are NOTORIOUS for doing).

Now, Bob Marley might not appreciate that Lying Lester enjoys (some) of his music given that Lying Lester STRONGLY disagrees with his political views, but about this Lying Lester does not give a shit. Fact is, such a notion makes Lying Lester laugh. Laugh AT Mr. Marley, that is. In any case this Marley fellow is dead, and Lying Lester is alive, so what he THOUGHT about anything does not much matter anymore.

Byline: This blog post was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-078.

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