Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lying Lester Ponders The Possibility of a 3rd World War With The mUslims

The lEftists do not have the will to do what it will take to eliminate the threat of the viscous barbaric mUslin terrorists, as discussed in my previous post. So, what do we do?

We put together a coalition of rational western nations along with eastern nations who are sane and want terror stopped. Pool remeasures and plan a concerted strategy to take out the terrorists in their hiding places everywhere.

Then, the sane rational world lets the terrorist states and organizations know that a strike of any kind on any member nation is a strike on all, and any will unleash such destruction on them they'll wish they were never born!

Lying Lester says you're either with us or you're against us! This includes any radical aMerican lEftist scum; in particular lEftist politicians, who MUST be voted out of office. Whether that means voting Libertarian, rEpublican, or sane dEmocrat, just so long as the radical pRogressive terrorist-coddling lEftists are REMOVED!

Then, with the irrationals having no voice in the decision, we can go to WAR with the terrorists and terrorism supporters (our own "jihad", if you will). And, in regards to the mUslims who we might wage war with... how do we know which are with us and which are against us?

Lying Lester believes that moderate Muslins, in concert throughout the world MUST stand tall and renounce all terrorism, acknowledge that the "prophet" muhammad was a evil man who raped, plundered and pillaged - then maybe I might believe they want to live in peace with non Muslims.

And, is that too much to ask? That all mUslins who do not wish to be targeted for annihilation by the forces of righteousness (the coalition previously mentioned) renounce the founder of their rEligion?

Yes, it is true that mUslims believe that the their holy book, the Quran, was verbally revealed from God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel... so I guess that means that if they renounce mOhamed that they are also renouncing iSlam... but so what?

And such an action would surely have these mOhamed renouncing mUslims labeled infidels - but again, so what? It isn't as if we're talking about cHristianity or Judaism, the superior rEligions, is it?

Superior in that they are more peaceful, that is. Being an atheist Lying Lester believes there is something wrong with anyone who chooses to believe in an imaginary invisible friend in the sky... but if that kind of bullshit is your thing - at LEAST belong to one of the peaceful rEligions, for Ayn Rand's sake!

Which is why, what Lying Lester is REALLY calling for is the abolishment of iSlam. He knows this. But the mUslims who want to live will comply and abandon this vile rEligion founded by the eVil mOhamed.

Be killed or convert. That is the only choice we should be offering these filthy flea-infested as*sholes. They MUST renounce the founder of their rEligion, an evil man who raped, plundered, and pillaged. If not? Then we will should absolutely KILL THEM ALL!!!!

Byline: This excellent and TOTALLY non-bigoted commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation, Purveyor of Islamaphobia). I have mUslim friends, for crying out loud! So I couldn't possibly be bigoted against them (the non-radical but still flea-infested ones, that is). LLIN-104.

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