Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On Our Possible Future President Donald Trump Being Maligned By The Leftist Media

Specifically I'm referring to a recent Yahoo hit-piece that compares Donald Trump to George Wallace, but there are many other examples of unfair treatment from the Leftist media of Mr. Trump. A fact that makes me SO MAD! Which is why I predict that if I patiently wait to see a comparable piece comparing Hillary to Nixon or Sanders to Ho Chi Minh, I'd be waiting forever.

So, yeah, I reject the brain diseased idea that Trump has an "advantage" due to the "free media exposure". Not when all the "free exposure" is negative in nature. More likely it is hurting his campaign rather than helping it. This just goes to show how popular Trump is with the voters... and how likely it is that he will be our next president, I think. Which wouldn't be so terrible, IMO. Sure, I'm for Gary Johnson, but a president Trump? There is no way it could be worse than a Sanders or Clinton presidency. At least, as a Republican, Trump is a fiscal conservative and not a Commie (and I think the facts show that Trump might be more fiscally conservative than your average Republican).

P.S. And what exactly has Trump done to or said about black people that is comparable to George Wallace? I mean, yeah, he said that dumb thing about illegal immigrants and wants a pause on Muslim immigration but a) he never denigrated Mexicans as a whole, only that the illegal ones are rapers, and b) based on that Pew research study (which showed that a majority of citizens of Muslim countries hold views which are 180 degrees diametrical to ours) and the fact that even many of Obama's own security people have warned us of a possible terrorist infiltration of the migrant population, his Muslim pause may not be anywhere near as insane as its being made out to be...

And it's certainly a boatload less draconian than what FDR, that progressive darling, did to the Japanese. Even if Trump pushes for that registry of Muslims he proposed (Trump said he would certainly implement that — absolutely, in reference to a law requiring Muslims in the United States to register in a database). What would be the big deal if that happened? I mean, most of the terrorism comes from the Muslim community, so I think that maybe we should have a registry.

The bottom line here is that Trump is reasonable and pragmatic and the Leftist media referring to him as racist is a vicious smear. And, quite frankly, all these lies about Mr. Trump really make my blood boil! And, that there are large numbers of partisans ON BOTH SIDES that don't want Trump elected? It makes me think that it's possible that Trump might make a very good president.

Byline: This insightful and non-biased commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart, purveyor of defending Donald Trump (our likely 45th president). LLIN-214.


  1. George Wallace had his problems, but dammit, he was a decent American. Just ask any person from Alabama over the age of sixty. It is not fair to impugn his memory with an unjust comparison to Donald Trump. Before he died, may he rest in peace, he had something of an epiphany and disavowed many of his deeply held racist beliefs. So I ask you, bullshit purveyors of yahoo news and any mental incompetents who might have been persuaded by your click-bait journalism, hold thy tongues and forestall thy keyboards, each one of us must make an account to his maker on the day of our death.

  2. Oh... Yahoo doesn't count as leftist.

    Now that Fidel Castro, there is an interesting man.

  3. I don't know what "Yahoo hit piece" Willis is referring to. Searching on "George Wallace" and "Donald Trump" turns up articles from The Daily Beast, MSNBC, Politico, Slate, The New York Times, Salon, NewsWeek, and more... including Yahoo News (which I didn't find until I added "Yahoo" to the search).

    In an article titled "Trump: Echoes of George Wallace?" Yahoo News author says "One presidential candidate pledged to Stand up for America. Two generations later, another promises to Make America Great Again. Their common denominator: convincing certain Americans that their version of the United States is under threat".

    Yeah, reads like a "hit piece" to me... not. Compare Hillary to Nixon or Sanders to Ho Chi Minh? Yet more proof Willis Hart is a total moron, IMO.