Monday, April 7, 2014

A Thank You To The Amazing Octopus

Does the Amazing Octo wear a skin tight leotard with a large "O" emblazoned on the chest (or perhaps the picture of an octopus)? Is there a large billowing cape attached to his shoulders? If Octo does not wear such a costume... the proprietor of this blog indubitably believes he should.

Octopus is the highly-principled and moral blogger who springs into action whenever discord in blogostan threatens the peace. Once in awhile an outlier infiltrates the ranks of those who only seek peace and harmony among all, even those with differing political ideologies, and when that happens Octo can be relied upon to take the offender to task.

Affiliations with opposing political groups do not mean a person is necessarily bad and therefore unworthy of civil and humane treatment, the sage cephalopod counsels... and all rational individuals who are able to act like grown ups and not big babies agree.

The outliers who do not represent the values of Octo (or those of his friends and associates) should be ignored. "Do not respond to them. Do not call attention to their blogs, visit them, or read the posts and comments therein – even out of curiosity", the noble and prodigiously virtuous creator of the Swash Zone instructs.

And those who are wise like Octo agree and hold fast to this credo. Those who violate it will find themselves justly and righteously admonished and shunned. That is why LLIN had to be closed and must remain closed. The proprietor mocked and chagrined the stunningly marvelous and exemplary octopod who is beyond reproach.

For that the proprietor of this blog apologizes profusely and unequivocally. He acknowledges he was incredibly wrong when he foolishly disobeyed Octo's command to immediately cease and desist his activities on this blog.

And, although it may be unlikely that the offender will ever be forgiven his many transgressions, the LLIN blog will be shuttered none-the-less. Octo will likely continue to believe that the author of this blog is intolerant, quick tempered and character-disordered, as well as thoroughly unpleasant in every engagement.

But this belief will continue for good reason! Although the offender in question was warned multiple times to discontinue his gratuitous argumentum ad hominems (which were often presented in a churlish and cowardly manner)... he did not. LLIN was the final straw the broke the metaphorical camel's back. A culmination of many months of bad behavior that can NOT now be forgiven.

Even if one were to argue that the purpose of LLIN was one of satire - it unquestionably crossed a boundary into pettiness and was assuredly abusive and ugly - and therefore violated the aforementioned standards of civility and decorum.

That is, in the opinion of the Awesome Octo... an opinion this blogger reactively disagreed with... but an opinion this blogger now concedes he was out of line in opposing.

But when one is unpleasant in every engagement eventually those to whom you are unpleasant want nothing more to do with you. As it should be. And, even though it is far too late for this transgressor to possibly attempt any kind of redemption, he none-the-less thanks the exalted Octo for his unceasing efforts to maintain high levels of civility and decorum in the conversations that take place here on the interwebs.

Byline: This 10th LLIN commentary was typed out by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of uproarious satirical commentaries. LLIN-010.


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  2. It would be a downright calamity if you are so intimidated by a few pompous blowhards and the FCFB that you shut this most informative blog down.

    Stand tall man.

  3. There’s something fundamentally wrong with someone who habitually lie, such as Lester and his crew of imbeciles that agree with everything that he writes. Oh wait, no one agrees with him at all. And thats why Octo always bites him in his lying ass.

    1. Besides, Octo is a total Asshole anyway