Friday, August 15, 2014

A Nation Held Hostage By Gridlock, Thankfully

While the following is somewhat partisan and slightly tilted leftward, it does, at the same time, speak to the truth. Only a complete non partisan with an inability to see and acknowledge the truths that are evident in the article would say otherwise. False narratives have a way of confusing the electorate and ultimately winning the war.

Politico... defines a grifter as: A grifter is a con artist - someone who swindles people out of money through fraud. If there's one type of person you don't want to trust, it's a grifter: Someone who cheats someone out of money.

Historically, grifters have taken many shapes. They were the snake-oil salesmen who rolled into town promising a magical, cure-all elixir at a price. The grifter was long gone by the time people discovered the magical elixir was no more magical than water.

Over the last few years we have seen the rise of a new grifter—the political grifter. And the most important battle being waged today isn't the one about which party controls the House or the Senate, it's about who controls the Republican Party: the grifting wing or the governing wing. (Link).

For certain a segment of the rEpublican party (the Tea Party wing) has little interest in governing and is banking on its sheeple to not notice their grifting until it's too late and they have profited and vanished. Ted Cruz appears to be on the way to becoming it's most influential grifter.

Although there is something to be said for gridlock. Something positive, that is. As a commenter on my blog pointed out "without gridlock, we'd have bigger deficit-busting, job-killing stimulus packages; the secret ballot in union elections would have been abolished; and the ACA would have been a much bigger monster".

Surely there is some truth in that statement. To overcome this gridlock the Libertarians and rEpublicans need to CONVINCE the electorate WHY it should embrace their vision for America. Lying Lester suggests they start with a little more lying and appearing to be straightforward with them while continuing to follow their plan that will work for ALL of America that matters, the 2% and NOT her 320 million inhabitants.

Byline: This excellent commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-107.

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