Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lying Lester Says iSlam Is The rEligion of Pure Evil

That ISIS is threatening more beheadings of captured Americans if President Obama does not stop American operations in Iraq should take no one by surprise, ISIS being the scum of the earth.

Radical jihadists, adherents all to the "prophet" Muhammad and his "religion" called iSlam, will continue their barbarous assault on reason, liberty, Christianity, Judaism, Objectivism and any other belief system that does not conform to their treacherous beliefs and values (Objectivism being the last one I named, but the best one).

It remains to be seen what Obama will determine to do in response to this beheading of an innocent American journalist. Now may not be the time to show weakness, although I'm sure he will, given the fact that he is a lazy Black man.

As for we should do, Lying Lester thinks the mUslins should be given the opportunity to denounce/renounce their "prophet" and convert to some other rEligion (Lying Lester favors Objectivism). If not? Then Lying Lester says KILL THEM ALL!!! Perhaps some beheadings of our own might be one option we could (at least) consider?

In any case, the evil that is iSlam can no longer be tolerated. And saying so, by the way, is not bigoted, as one troll who is now banned from rAtional nAtion uSA suggested. Just ask my mUslin friends. I told them that mOhamed was an evil man, and they completely agreed with me.

Although they did say that, "Islam requires that mOhamed be acknowledged as Aslan's final prophet". To that I said "no". And then my mUslin friends said "you make a compelling argument, Lester. We'll do it". And then they broke from the mUslin church and formed a brand new sect of iSlam. A new sect that acknowledges that mOhamed was an evil man and a false prophet.

As for still using the Quran, which is the central religious text of iSlam and is believed by mUslins to have been revealed to mOhamed by Aslan, I said "that won't work, given that mOhamed wasn't a prophet and therefore he couldn't have had the text revealed to him by Aslan".

But I came up with a workable solution. I told my mUslin friends that they could pretend the text of the Quran was revealed (dictated by Aslan) to someone else. I mean - as with all rEligions - iSlam is completely pretend anyway... so just pretend someone else transcribed what the imaginary Aslan told him, her, or them?

I suggested Jesus, and my mUslin friends agreed, given that iSlam already views Jesus as a prophet. "Really?" I said. That iSlam views Jesus as a prophet is not something I knew. I would have thought that Jesus, being a good guy who did not rape and pillage, would be viewed by iSlam as an infidel.

But my mUslin friends said, "no, he's a prophet too. Or, he is a prophet while mOhamed is not. Not in our eyes anymore, anyway". And I told them that I was glad to hear that, as it meant they were serious about iSlam being a rEligion of peace. And, any mUslin that does not desire death should agree as well.

Agree by converting to this new form of iSlam that rejects the prophethood of mOhamed. They can convert to this new mOhamed-condemning sect of iSlam, or we (the sane rational world) will unleash such destruction on them they'll wish they were never born!

And I also suggested changing the name of their rEligion, so us sane folks would know who among the flea-and-lice-infested sand monkeys are the non-evil ones.

Christianity is named after the Christian's gOd, Christ... so what about Aslanity, named, of course, after the mUslim's lion-deity, Aslan?

Byline: This rational and non-iSlamophobic commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-122.

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