Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lying Lester Asks: Did pResident oBama Aide Our Enemies At Benghazi & Issue A "Stand Down" Order?

In the continuing and seemingly never ending search for the full truth of Benghazi a new book, "13 Hours", is likely to provide further insights, as well as stirring the political embers not yet extinguished. Much the the chagrin of the democrats and the powers that be we sure.

The Guardian: A new book alleging the CIA stood in the way of a rescue mission that could have saved US ambassador Chris Stevens from an attack on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi... [but] Adam Schiff, a Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said the allegations were "old myths" that had been rejected by its investigation. "These so-called new allegations were examined in detail by both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, which concluded that there was no 'stand down' order", [Schiff] said...

Adam Schiff, liar? Prepare for the next chapter of almost non stop political and media chatter. Hopefully the nation finds the answers it is entitled to and processes and procedures are put in place to minimize the possibility (as well as likelihood) of this happening again.

Unless it was oBama who personally gave the stand down order because he wanted Chris Stevens dead. Now, Lying Lester has no proof to back up this allegation, but it is surely food for thought, no?

In any case, Benghazi has proven to be the dEmocrat scandal that won't go away. Could Benghazi cost Hillary Clinton the presidency when she runs in 2016? Perhaps Gary Johnson, the only non-interventionist candidate, could use the issue to ascend to the White House?

Byline: This rational commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-131.


  1. Hillary Clinton came across pretty bad to me, with the immature emotional outburst and the proposterous claim that it wasn't important why it happened (#3).

    It is hard to forget that she flat-out lied about the cause of the incident right after it happened when she blamed the anti-Muhammad movie (#19), and she showed great contempt for our Constitutional freedoms also.

  2. BTW, I agree with you about the scandal of a "stand down" order being given. Ambassador Steven's life could have been saved if the stand down order had not been issued (#17). But Hillary Clinton is ultimately responsible,. Hillary is scandal-ridden and emotionally unstable, and left her Secretary-of-State position in disgrace. God help us if she were elected president. As for Obama's involvement, more investigation is definitely warranted. We do not know the truth although we do know Obama and Hillary are lying.

  3. rEpublican or dEmocrat, it is becoming vividly clear many seek ,and find comfort in, hiding out in their proverbial "box."

  4. I wonder how these witnesses got a book published, given that, according to CNN's Jake Tapper, Robert Baer, and Drew Griffin, approximately three dozen witnesses and survivors (a large chunk of them working for the C.I.A.) of the Benghazi terrorist attack have been forced by the federal government to sign nondisclosure agreements (the purpose of which being to keep them from talking to the media and to Congress, obviously) and take almost weekly lie detector tests to verify their compliance to it.

    If this isn't proof-positive that this administration clearly does not want the American public to know what truly happened in Libya, then I don't know what is. And the fact that this media of ours (aside from the three individuals mentioned above and CBS's Sharyl Attkisson) hasn't been putting more pressure on them is an absolute disgrace.

    That, or I'm completely full of shit, given the Republican House committee report confirms "that no one was deliberately misled, no military assets were withheld and no stand-down order (to U.S. forces) was given". Who would have guessed that Republicans would give Obama a pass if they could have crucified him?

  5. So, what's wrong with being full of shit, Will? Nothing, I say, so long as you stick to your guns and keep lying regardless of the facts. Which is what the Republicans didn't do when they issued this report. I mean, you're sticking to your guns regarding witnesses signing nondisclosure agreements and taking almost weekly lie detector tests. Obviously they couldn't have published their book if that were the case. Does not stop you from repeating it over and over, does it?

    Shame on the House Republicans for not sticking with the narrative on this, I say. Now Hillary can point to this report when she runs for POTUS in 2016. "The Republicans cleared me" she'll say.