Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gary Johnson, a Man for the Times... A Times For The Oligarchs To Rise!

Will the previous Libertarian Party candidate for president Gary Johnson be the standard bearer of the Ron Paul Revolution going forward into the future? As the Liberty movement and the Paul Revolution continues to pick up steam it is critically important that individuals who cherish individualism and liberty based on wealth (more wealth means more liberty), that understand and desperately want a return to limited constitutional government, that want every individual, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or sexual orientation or accumulated wealth to be free to live their lives as they chose within the constitutional laws of society stand up and cast their ballot for Gary Johnson in 2016, should he decide to run again.

There are many (they number in the several million) that support what the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson stands for but will vote rEpublican simply because of their disdain for the job President Obama has done since being elected. And their disdain for the probable Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton. There are millions more who will vote for Hillary simply because of their distaste for Romney (I've heard he might run again). But it simply amazes how anyone can vote for either candidate, Romney (if he runs again) or Hillary... when in reality they are merely shades of each other.

Voting for Romney or Hillary simply means voting for the "lesser of two evils" and either will insure the continued downward spiral of our nation into fiscal insanity and increasing sTatism instead of shrinking government and allowing the wealthy to do as they please. In other words continued fiscal instability, continued deficits and increasing debt, continued loss of individual liberty, increased dependency on government, continued polarization of the populace along religious, ethnic, and racial lines, and more will be the reality if either the rEpublican or dEmocrat becomes president. Unfortunate as it is, we all know one of them likely will.

This despite the fact that many of us want gOvernment to get out of the way and allow the wealthy (instead of We The People) to set the agenda and the rules of the game. In other words continued concentration of wealth at the top, continued deficits and increasing debt for middle classers and working Poors who are finding it extremely hard to get by as it is, increased liberty for those who deserve it, decreased dependency on government because the leeches are simply allowed to wither and die, and continued polarization of the populace along class lines.

Things we all want, in other words. So why aren't we voting Libertarian? Unfortunate as it is, we all know Gary Johnson's run for the presidency is a long shot at best (if he runs again). He knows that to get 34% of the vote, with the other two candidates splitting the other 66% is mathematically just not going to happen. Gary Johnson understands this, but views past exposure as invaluable in helping to fuel the Liberty Revolution and keep it alive and growing into 2016 by fooling as many people as possible.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is not very well known outside of his home state, yet he hoped to send a strong message to the nation's political establishment by siphoning enough votes away from Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney to throw off the 2012 November general election - which, as we all know, did not happen. Gary said he hoped he would get labeled a "spoiler", but he failed miserably, as any moron could have predicted. Although Lying Lester was still hopeful and remains hopeful for 2016. Will Gary run again? And, if he does, will he win? Lying Lester deludes himself into thinking he might.

Gary has so much to offer a weary and fiscally unstable nation. He is about BS and hyperbole and lying about the nation's realities like the New Neo Fascist rEpublican pArty candidate and the New Statist Socialist pArty candidates are and will be. He is about telling the truth, telling it like it is, and he is for the sound fiscal policies that will bring down the debt and concentrate more wealth at the top. He believes in limited government intrusion into our lives. Should the government care what we do in our bedrooms? Should it care if we have enough to eat or a roof over our heads? Should it care if we die in the gutter? No, because that is Communism.

Gary believes in opportunity for all and helping to create the environment where the wealthy can grow and prosper. He believes in the value of hard work, self reliance, poor people working together as a team to enrich their wealthy overlords, and thereby unleashing the great American spirit and can do attitude. Rather than creating dependency on government and the divisiveness that has become so prevalent today, perhaps lazy Poors would get off their asses and WORK, realizing that if they don't work (and for low wages) that they will die.

Lying Lester strongly believes that further enriching the plutocrats is possible if we believe and work hard enough to achieve it. Perhaps even winning the White House in 2016. But we must get vocal in 2014, write letters to the editors, if you have a blog pitch the value of Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party, Volunteer time and or make a contribution if you can, talk about Gary Johnson and his ideas to anyone who will listen, and especially important go to the polls on November 6th 2016 and do the right thing for our country and for our wealthy masters - and VOTE Gary Johnson for President of the United States.

Byline: This excellent commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-151.

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