Thursday, September 18, 2014

Willis Hart Explains Why We Need to Get The People (as in "We The People") Out of The Way (It's Because Democracy Sucks)

The USA run for the benefit of "We the People" as stated in the Constitution? I contend that is a very bad idea.

It is largely through government that corporations secure their power (Goldman Sachs, GE and a truckload of other companies feeding at the green energy trough, Halliburton, GM, H&R Block, Google, Philip Morris, insurance companies that we're now forced to buy products from, etc.) and it is only by limiting government and limiting favors that we can level the playing field (according to the Small Business Administration, small businesses pay 40% more per employee for compliance and we can thank idiot plutocrats like Elizabeth Warren for that).

But with government out of the way, the wealthy would not need to bribe our politicians! If Libertarians like me had our way and shrunk government, that would not stop the plutocrats from using the many other methods of controlling our economy for their benefit. Job destroying outsourcing, subsistence wages for those who could find work (and dangerous working conditions for those people) 3rd-world-style poverty (including an increase in disease and death among the poor), more pollution, and wealth concentrating in the hands of a few at an even faster rate are what we'd get under Libertarian rule.

Progressives say why we need to end the lobbyist's access to the political system, reverse Citizens United, and finally affect REAL campaign financing reform, thereby returning power to The People... but I say NO WAY! Why bother with that when you could simply dismantle government and completely strip The People of all power (what little they have left)?

Get rid of rule by "We The People" and get rid of democracy I say! Shrink government so The People have NO power. Then the rich can rule (directly, without bribing our politicians). At least that is the way things ought to be, IMO.

Byline: This exemplary commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of straw men. LLIN-140.


  1. Poors being poor only have themselves to blame. Excellent commentary, Will. As for the cartoon you appended to the end of your polemic, the "bigotry" and "wage slavery" the author of that cartoon thinks are still weighing down the individual underneath him are completely imaginary. He or she is indeed free... if they chose to improve themselves and go for a better job, that is. But many Poors do not, instead they ask - and even demand - handouts from those of us who do work hard. The Makers. People like you and me.

  2. Well said, Les. You are absolutely correct. The Taker in that cartoon only has himself (or herself) to blame for the "poverty" and "wage slavery" sacks weighing him down. And Democrats are to blame for the "bigotry sack", given the fact that it is the Democrats who are the real racists.