Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lying Lester Reluctantly Endorses Voter Suppression

In regards to the sale of this blog - I am currently waiting for the bids to start rolling in. In the meantime I thought I'd let my thoughts regarding the so-called Republican "Voter Suppression" be known.

Make no mistake, however, but this blog is still in the process of shutting down due to the chagrin of the blogger known as Octopus. I just thought I'd get another quick post in before that actually happens.

Now, back to these accusations of voter suppression that the dEmocrats are levying at rEpublicans. Suppressing the vote is unethical and it should be illegal. That said, I, Lying Lester, reluctantly endorse it. Over on my other blog, rAtional nAtion uSA, I play the "both sides are equally quilty" provocateur, but I'm no dummy. I know both sides are not equally quilty.

rEpublicans are actively working to disenfranchise voting blocks that tend to cast their ballots for dEmocrats. We all know this to be true. However, as I am sure the more astute libertarian and fiscally conservative readers of this site understand, voter fraud, irrespective of which party is quilty will, if ignored continue to metastasize and like a cancer completely corrupt our democratic republic.

No matter that it is statistically insignificant and there is no evidence whatsoever of any partisan conspiracies behind these isolated incidents. I will continue to speak against voter fraud none-the-less. Because if people get the mistaken impression that "both sides do it", that make it easier for the side that is actually quilty to get away with their election stealing shenanigans.

And, while I consider myself an "independent libertarian", I will join forces with the dog whistle brigade in order to muddy the waters regarding which is the a bigger deal - insignificant voter fraud, or the far nastier election fraud (voter fraud is when voters cheat and vote when they should not, whereas election fraud is cheating designed to stop legitimate voters from casting ballots). 20% of the population is threatened with disenfranchisement due to this type of cheating... cheating that is the sole province of rEpublicans.

I endorse the second and not the first type of cheating because victory at all costs with lots of sound bites to cover up the crime will help the only party that is currently fighting on behalf of fiscal responsibility. Sure, the rEpublicans might be doing a very poor job in fighting for it, but they are still doing a better job than the dEmocrats.

This is why it makes sense to disenfranchise millions of voters just to capture a .0006% incidence rate of voter fraud. Because it will help rEpublicans and hurt dEmocrats. Not that I approve of the job either party is doing, mind you. But if I have to choose one or the other, obviously it's the rEpublicans who do the least harm.

And, perhaps we can get a Libertarian elected if running as a rEpublican by suppressing enough dEmocratic votes? That surely would be an outcome that I would not object to. In any case I remain opposed to voter fraud and will also pay lip service to "opposing" any other corruption in the election process. Because as long as there are corrupt political parties the corrupt individuals leading them will continue with the shenanigans. Some shenanigans being bad and some shenanigans being good.

Sure, I'd prefer an honest system where an enlightened electorate voted Libertarian... but we don't currently have that. The fact is that most voters are too stupid to realize that both parties are eroding our liberties and continually putting us further into debt. Until the day comes when the voters wise up and start voting Libertarian I will keep pushing the false "voter fraud" narrative.

Because it hurts the party that is in favor of out-of-control spending and taking away liberties, as opposed to the other party that is in favor of doing these same things, but to a lesser degree. That, at least, gives the United States a fighting chance. I mean, if you HAD to choose between getting shot in the head or shot in the stomach, you'd obviously have a better chance of surviving a gut shot.

And, only one party is dedicated to keeping taxes low... so there is that. So, if no Libertarian or Libertarian-minded candidate is running (and I cannot throw my vote away on that individual), then the rEpublican who will keep the taxes low on the Makers (instead of wanting to raise taxes in order to fund more giveaways for the Takers) is the politician I'll reluctantly support.

Byline: This eye-opening commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-018.

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  1. "It Kinda Scares Me That Octopus Might Not Approve"

    It Kinda Scares Me the way that you worship that douchebag.. It Kinda Scares Me that YOU are such a grotesque idiot, and how stupid you really are, I hope that you didn’t get your panties wet over this fright of “Octo”!.