Friday, May 9, 2014

To The POS Who Thinks Someone He Hates Is Responsible For This Blog; Regarding Your Annoying Comments Naming This Person: They Will Not Be Published

When you say "not that you'll publish this", you are correct, as the person you THINK is the "brainchild" and apparently em-bare-assed administrator of this shall we say more than impressive parodoxical blog nonetheless is not. And your comments will continue to amuse none, in that they will continue to be sent to Spam.

BTW, in regards to the cool mil you offered me for this blog - with the added stipulation that I'd have to track you down and shoot you to collect... I will be declining due to the fact that I know you're lying - I would go directly to jail and NOT collect a million dollars. As for your requests that I "carry on" and an almost forgetting of hoping that I had an "s great Bunny Day" and that I "received a host of droppings" - you can stuff it.

As for your comments that claim other commenters are addressing this person who you think is the owner of both this "spoof site" as well as a progressive site - someone who you say is "indeed a blind partisan and mostly clueless" - you can stuff those as well. And, it is surely no surprise that none of your garbage will ever get through, as you are someone not usually inclined to the truth. Although you can be funny in a pathetic sort of way.

As for your own gutter site, Of course Mr. POS hasn't the integrity to own up to his BS which is why my comments there are no longer posted.

Byline: This calling out of a POS was done by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of calling people out. LLIN-045.

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  1. A very astute comment for an imbecile. But for anyone else, not very intellectually astute.