Saturday, April 23, 2016

George Clooney Is A Leftist Piece Of Shit!

Apparently it takes $33,000 to meet Hillary Clinton and George Clooney these days. Yeah, that's about $32,999.99 more than I'd be willing to dish out. On a generous day.

I guess George doesn't know that Hillary is heading to the slammer very soon. Because if he did he might think about backing another candidate other than the lying bitch. Jim Webb would have been who I'd have gone with if I were a Democrat. Heck, even as a Libertarian I think I'd have at least considered voting for him over Johnson (given the fact that Johnson has ZERO chance of be selected as our next POTUS).

I mean, of all the Democrats that started out seeking the nomination, all but Jim Web reduced themselves to that level of pandering was sad, nauseating, and disturbing. Flat out. Jim Webb is a war hero, as well as an awesome stud of unquestioned integrity who's accomplished things in both the public AND private sector and who's done so in a consistently bipartisan manner. And, for the record, his being forced to share a debate-stage with four extremely mediocre and hackneyed-ladened surface-thinkers who couldn't come up with an original idea at gunpoint was an outrage! That's how I saw it, folks.

Webb not being selected by the voters by overwhelming margins shows how stupid the electorate has become. Hell yes, this constitutes a loss for the American people, who, instead are voting for either the soon-to-be-convicted lying piece of shit bitch or the Communist USSR-honeymooning economically illiterate boob. But I think both parties' candidates are quite horrible this cycle. Except for Donald Trump. He, IMO, isn't half as bad as the media is making him out to be.

BTW, all the ladies swoon over George Clooney, but IMO Jim Webb is a lot manlier/handsome (hence my previous reference to him as a "stud"). It just amazes me the way that people go crazy whenever George Clooney stars in a movie. And, yes, folks, when I say it amazes me, I mean it COMPLETELY amazes me.

So, no, I'm not really a fan of his acting, although I might concede that he's serviceable in his better parts. But he really needs to stay out of political matters. Unless he had come out for Jim Webb. Then I'd be heaping praise on his acting abilities and good judgement. But HRC? What a frigging self aggrandizing ass horse's ass - as well as a God damned idiot/stooge this Clooney fellow is.

I hate the regressive Left so much, I'd like to punch Clooney in the nose while wearing brass knuckles, then continue punching him until I beat his face to a bloody pulp!

Byline: This insiteful commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-225.

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