Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LLIN In The Process of Shutting Down

Previously I revealed that this blog was "closed"... but everything can't just come to a halt that quickly. Employees are cleaning out their desks and bills are still arriving for the rent and utilities on the rented office space.

After the last employee leaves I'll still be here. I need to open the doors for, and supervise the movers who are coming later this week to pick up the rented office equipment... computers, desks, photocopiers, etc. After that I'll turn the keys over to the landlord and that will be that.

Yes, I had high hopes when this site was launched, but, as everyone knows, the blogger Octopus dropped the hammer and put an end to the hopes and dreams of me and my employees. Not everyone was fired, however. Some of my authors were transferred over to RNUSA, my other blog that has been in existence for some time.

I had hoped to close down RNUSA and transition all discussion over to this blog, but Octopus did not approve, and therefore RNUSA will continue while LLIN is the one that will be closed.

In this matter I have no choice, as when Octo speaks I must listen. I did try to rebuff him when he first suggested that this blog had to go, but to no avail. Octo was EXTREMELY insistent that RNUSA could remain, but that LLIN had to be shut down.

Given the time and money I've put into developing this site, however, I am looking into the possibility of selling it in order to recoup some of my costs. It is therefore possible that LLIN might return under new management.

If that happens - and I want to be extremely clear about this - LLIN will no longer be affiliated with RNUSA in any way what-so-ever. I say this in case of any objections from Octo. And I don't know why there should be any, given that the site UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT will be the same as any other new site (except the setup and layout will already be done).

I will therefore leave this post up for a few days before looking for a buyer. If Octo decides that the site cannot be sold I will, of course, adhere to his wishes. But he must make them known by the end of the week. Once the site is sold I will have no control over it what-so-ever.

Byline: This 11th LLIN blog entry was penned by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Master of quitting. LLIN-011.


  1. "When Octo speaks I must listen "

    Are you a FREAKEN idiot? Or just a plain Idiot?
    Either way , you're a bigger idiot that I originally thought you were , though I always thought you were an Idiot.

  2. Tell Octo that I'll buy it, for one of his popular Blow Jobs and a Ass reaming.

  3. Screw YOU, the Lying Lester and the Jerk-Off Amazing Octo in Spades

  4. Libertarians are idiots! Why? Because they wrongfully believe we are all responsible individuals, who would cherish our unfettered liberty and freedom and do the right thing, but we know this isn't true of human nature. They will say, we should just legalize all drugs... okay, what are you going to do with 100 million opium addicts? Most Libertarians than I’ve come in contact with are very naïve and misguided. When school buses go careening off the road into ravines, because the driver was stoned, and kill a bunch of kids, how are you going to respond to those families? Libertarians will say, what could possibly be wrong with allowing people to do drugs in their own homes? Well Duh! Societies need some sort of constraint, something that resemblances law and order and moral boundries. Libertarians are idiots because they wrongfully believe that people are able to govern themselves. They want us to live in THEIR idea of society, whether we want that or not, and do away with the Government dictating what we should and shouldn’t do. It’s like taking us back to the days of the caveman! .
    How many billions of people will need to be slaughtered by a tyrant ruler, before our moral obligations kick in? Like all liberals, the libertarians haven't though this through completely, they just want us to live in THEIR idea of society, whether we want that or not, In other words, they don’t give a crap about the laws of society. They only want things to be their way period. .

  5. As for this new addition to this “Blog”, I have some serious questions to ask of you. Are you brain-dead? Are your parents siblings? Did you eat paint chips when you were a kid?
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