Monday, May 2, 2016

President Jimmy Carter Did The Right Thing And Lowered Taxes On Rich Makers (Unfortunately The Post-Presidency Carter Is A Piece Of Shit)

Did you know that Jimmy Carter signed into law (after initially opposing it) the the Steiger Amendment; a piece of legislation that reduced the top capital gains tax rate by nearly 44% (from over 49% to 28%)? Yeah, I'll commend Carter for coming around and realizing that greedily seizing the wealth of the Makers WHO EARNED IT (in order to redistribute it to worthless takers al la Comrade Sanders) wasn't the way to go. More evidence that Carter was a moderate to conservative Democrat.

Carter's views were much more in sync with JFK and Al Smith than they were progressive buffoons such as FDR, McGovern, Sanders, etc. And, yes, I've ultimately concluded that Carter was an underrated President (the fact that the guy cut taxes, deregulated various sectors of the economy, brokered a peace between Egypt and Israel, appointed Paul Volcker as Fed Chairman, kept spending relatively low, worked well with the Republicans, etc.) whose failure was at least to some degree the function of dumb luck. Plus he was an honest fellow. Gotta give him some cred for that as well.

Why this defense of Carter, when the Rightwing bashes him TO THIS DAY (with comparisons to Barack Obama)? It's because the Libertarian Mises Institute said I should "rethink Carter". I used to refer to myself as a "small L libertarian", but that's no longer the case. Now I eagerly scarf down any and all Libertarian bullshit I can get my hands on. If a Libertarian author, thinker, fellow, think tank or institute said it, I believe it unquestioningly.

But back to Carter... unfortunately this douche-bag's antics post presidency make me want to retract that cred. I mean, did you hear he said America is an oligarchy? That would be my biggest criticism of him. I mean, if America were an oligarchy that would be, IMO, fucking awesome. Then we could get to eliminating the welfare state. Instead of growing it like both Hillary and Bernie are promising (although Hillary may be lying. Or I hope she is, at least).

Although she's going to be indicted soon, which will almost certainly cause her to lose to Donald Trump. And yeah, I might have been able to get behind Trump, except for him saying he's going to "renegotiate" our trade deals. Because they result in American workers getting screwed. Which is why I say fuck him. Screwing American workers to further enrich the oligarchs is what Adam Smith advocated for.

Although Trump might be lying about that too. He surely is a hypocrite on the matter, what with all his "Trump" products being manufactured outside the US. Although (don't get me wrong), as (if he is a hypocrite on this matter) I applaud him for his hypocrisy.

Carter also insulted the Tea Party movement. According to POTUS #39 Tea Party patriots are "racist". Then Carter said "I think there has been a degeneration in this country in absolute equality for black and white people"... which is complete horse shit. Especially considering most of the racism that remains is Blacks thinking White men are the Devil.

And, get this... Carter said he's "saddened by the events in Ferguson MO". And he wasn't referring to all the violent Africoon animals looting and torching businesses (all based on the "hands up, don't shoot" lie). So, yeah, the post-presidency Carter really makes me want to puke. What a piece of shit he degenerated into. Similar to the recent degeneration of the Democrat party. Shameful.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of devouring Libertarian bullshit. LLIN-234.

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