Monday, May 23, 2016

On The Fact That Most African Americans Simply Aren't Smart Enough To Be Lawyers (Not Good Ones, Anyway)

It is a fact that (based on the seminal Bar Passage Study of 1999 to 2004) a Black Student with a college GPA of 3.3 and an LSAT Score of 160 has a 200% better chance of passing the Bar on his or her first attempt if that student goes to Fordham Law School rather than Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Cornell, Penn, Duke, or NYU Law School.

The reason is because Blacks are simply not as smart as Whites and need to go to a school that is more their "speed". I refer you to the poorly researched Taylor/Sander Book, "Mismatch" for a more in-depth analysis (the authors proving they have a high talent for inaccurate observation).

Mismatch happens when affirmative action students go to colleges where they are ill-prepared to compete and frequently either drop out completely or graduate and never pass the bar exam. Which is why racists such as myself strongly oppose sending dummy Blacks to schools that should only be attended by Whites (and, perhaps a SMALL percentage of Asians). Because Whites possess superior brains that can handle the rigors of completing the classwork at one of our more prestigious institutions of higher learning.

Can Blacks even be lawyers? Perhaps some can (subpar ones at best), but only if they attend "lesser" institutions; colleges that teach to the middle. As opposed to the TOP (a location populated almost exclusively by more intelligent White students). The fact of the matter is that when Blacks attend law school they mostly end up in the bottom 10% of their classes at Columbia and Penn, as opposed to being at the 50th percentile somewhere else (a school that is more their "speed", as I said earlier).

And, is it RIGHT that schools that should be exclusively White are being forced to accept less capable (brain-power wise) Blacks? I say NO. Thank you, White liberals.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-253.

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