Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Police Aren't Killing Enough Blacks

The police killings of Black suspects are usually justified. A Black man has a gun that he intends to use to shoot an officer of the law. He has committed a crime and MUST be taken into custody before he hurts anyone. Under these circumstances the police have no choice but to shoot the suspect dead.

These shootings are totally justified. Too bad for the families of the dead Black criminal. But when you break the law you risk you life. Especially if you do it with a gun. But get this - according to the University of Toledo's Robert Johnson - from 2009 to 2012, an average of 4,472 Black men were murdered by other Black men. Annually! This is a stat that is ludicrously out of proportion when compared to Whites.

This, while the number of Black men killed by cops was 112 per year (with a significant number of them being justified. My conclusion? The police aren't killing ENOUGH Black criminals. I mean, yes, the Blacks are doing their part by killing each other. But it's clearly not enough! Seriously the obvious solution to this problem is for the cops to exterminate more Blacks. As many as possible. Whether the killing is justified or unjustified. Either method is fine by me.

Because Black lives matter, each and every one... as much as a bucket of warm piss. The fewer of these animals there are, the lower the crime rate. And the less law abiding Whites like me will be victimized by these animals. It's that simple. Plus we save money on trying and incarcerating.

This is why I ALWAYS come down on the side of the police officer when some wild Black animal is put down. Maybe the officer really had no choice, or maybe he just didn't want to take a chance. Why the hell should police officers risk their lives? Better to shoot (and shoot to kill) than take a risk, I say.

Which is why I say that if the officer sees a gun, or suspects there might be a gun, they should shoot the Black DEAD. Even if a cop shoots a Black dead, then lies about thinking they had a gun. So the fuck what? The thing to remember is that the more Blacks put down the better. Sorry, but yes.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of racism. LLIN-293.


  1. I read that Black Lives Matter is organizing a gigantic protest in Chicago to shine a light on the enormous black killing blacks problem.
    It was on a site called The Onion.....a very good read.

  2. Right, because when protesting it's so much more productive to focus your energies on groups who will absolutely not respond to public pressure (criminals), as opposed to those who might (the police). That makes total sense!