Monday, August 18, 2014

dEmocrats Looking To Midterms And 2016 Presidential Election Distancing Themselves From pResident oBbama

I am generally not a supporter of the dEmocratic agenda, it being way too progressive and starry eyed for me. I mean, dEmocrats believe they're elected to represent The People, as opposed to the people who matter. The rich ones, that is. This silly notion makes Lying Lester laugh.

But dEmocrats of late are distancing themselves from our sOcialist POTUS fearing he will hurt rather than help their election or reelection chances in 2016. Could this mean the dEmocratic party is really more conservative than the pResident whose whose whose whose choice for the democratic nomination in 2016 is Senator Elizabeth Warren, the ultra progressive senator from Massachusetts?

Or does it mean the party base is becoming even more pRogressive and believe (rightly or wrongly) America wants a president more pRogressive than Obama has been? Lying Lester says NO.

According to a recent McClatchy-Marist poll the President is hurting democrats because of his lIberal as well as inconsistence policies. And this very good news for rEpublicans going into the 2014 midterm elections makes Lying Lester smile.

Smile because Libertarians aren't even running for many of these positions and Lying Lester is a realist, and admits that a rEpublican is preferable to a dEmocrat. WAY preferable. Although, personally, I'm still backing Gary Johnson for president in 2016 (if he runs), even though I realize Gary has absolutely no chance at all (there is a ZERO percent possibility that Gary Johnson could be elected president. NONE).

Given this unfortunate reality, a rEpublican POTUS would be preferable to ANY dEmocratic candidate - and ABSOLUTELY preferable to the sOcialist Warren. Which is why Lying Lester pushes this (more than likely false) rumor of oBama backing Warren.

It has the effect of making oBama look more lIberal than he actually is (oBama, in reality being a Conservative Blue Dog dEmocrat). But Lying Lester LIKES (very much) the lie that oBama is a far lEft sOcialist lIberal.

And, the rIght has done an excellent job of brainwashing the public into believing that they too could be rich, and therefore they don't want taxes on rich folks to be high. Because they too could be rich one day (HA!).

Or taxing the "job creators" will destroy jobs because taxes that are too high will disincentivize the rich from hiring. Why bother hiring workers and making more money if doing so will only make you richer instead of super rich? Or whatever reason sounds good for keeping taxes on rich people low. The Poors seem to buy this BS. But then, they aren't that smart, are they? If they were they wouldn't be poor.

In any case, something tells me this could be why President Obama is hitting the links so often and likely keeping the ibuprofen or aleve close at hand. He realizes the lies and ongoing obstruction are working.

That, and he's a stereotypical lazy Black man. BTW, how much you want to bet that some PC lIberal reading my accurate comment about the laziness of Blacks might respond by calling Lying Lester a "racist"?

It isn't racist if it's true. And Lying Lester is a White Man who has the BALLS to acknowledge the TRUTH. Just as I acknowledge the truth about Muslims being lice and flea infested.

Byline: This excellent and totally non-racist commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-110.

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