Saturday, September 13, 2014

Liberty... For Those Who Deserve It

One hears a lot of talk about liberty, and our rights as a supposedly free people. Most often it is heard within the framework of combating the gradual yet certain advance of socialism, sTatism, totalitarianism, and a host of other ism's.

The government's increasing involvement in out lives, and the growing limits placed on our ability to chose, fuel the current tea party and liberty movement in America. It is not only understandable, but indeed patriotic that these movements have gained force and strength.

Everyone who has achieved the age where the concept of liberty can be reasonably understood should wish for the ultimate success of the liberty movement. However, only by understanding the meaning of liberty, and practicing the exercise of it's principal in our daily lives will this nation regain the footing it once proudly stood on.

Unfortunately our lazy Black president, bArrack hUssein oBama, does not recognize the value of, nor understand the concept of liberty. In fact, he is an enemy of it, unlike our last pResident, GWB, who simply lost the true meaning of the word's concept. At least IMO.

So, what do I mean, exactly, by "liberty". What I'm talking about is the ability of wealthy individuals to make (by the sweat of their brow, or by using the power of their minds and accumulated wealth to exploit poor workers) as much money as they possibly can... without the gOvernment stepping in, stealing a large portion of it, and "redistributing" it to the parasitical Takers.

Without this liberty we are all less free. And America is more a country by and for the sTate (i.e "The People") instead of one governed for the benefit of THE PEOPLE. The important ones (i.e. the rich ones), that is.

And we should make no mistake about it... the liberty of a rich person to exploit poor workers for their own gain is a VERY important one. The MOST important liberty, I would say. One they (the rich people) DESERVE. Poor people? Well, the very fact that they're poor is proof they they do not deserve this liberty.

And that is a fact that all liberty-loving individuals such as myself can agree on. You don't agree? Obviously it's because you're a jealous loser.

Byline: This excellent commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth... and not a jealous loser like you most likely are. LLIN-135.


  1. Concerning losers, the one spamming Will's blog is especially jealous and wants to tax the productive members of society so he can get more handouts. Losers of this nature have a hero in the lazy Obama. He's lazy and Black, but that's not racist, just the truth.


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