Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lying Lester Contemplates A Very Vexing Issue & A Possible Strategy

As NATO meets in Wales this week to discuss the many vexing problems facing the world a strategy is developing among western powers. One that is based on a coalition looking a lot like prior engagement strategies. Strategies like those employed in Afghanistan and Iraq, where the United States and it's allies (the coalition of the willing) worked together to kill mUslims.

Given how well these engagements were working until the laziest president ever took the helm, that is. In any case, sensible and ultimately the only way to fly if we wish to succeed in our efforts to address these vexing problems. That is if oBama gets off his lazy Black ass and puts some effort into it. But I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway, it will be interesting to hear and read the uber conservatives take on what is almost certainly the oBama strategy. What most of us have always wanted to know is if the pResident is taking this vexing situation seriously and is working to arrive at a strategy with the best chance of successfully solving this vexing problem. Or will he decide golfing and raising money for dEmocrats running in 2016 takes precedence?

Memeorandum: President Obama and other world leaders are currently meeting in Wales to discuss the bevy of issues that are currently vexing the world, including... how to push back against ISIS... the goal [discussed in Wales] was to destroy the Islamist militant group, not to contain it".

Lying Lester is keeping his fingers crossed that the Lazy oBama will follow through with ACTION. If not, then the hard work will obviously have to wait until our next president is elected, hopefully Gary Johnson or whatever rEpublican the GOP decides to go with.

Although Gary did promise to disengage us from these foreign conflicts... so this might be one point of disagreement between Lying Lester and Gary Johnson? That Lying Lester would disagree with Gary Johnson on ANYTHING is surely vexing. However, whereas I used to think poorly of George W. Bush for his invasion of Iraq, now I'm not so sure. At the very least Bush showed true leadership and a willingness to do the job, unlike our current POTUS, possibly the laziest president we've ever had, which is quite vexing.

Byline: This rational commentary in regards to a vexing issue was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth... and also not lazy like our first Black pResident. LLIN-129.


  1. Is Obama Lazy? Perhaps. But we definitely know he is corrupt. To big business Obama says yes, we're going to regulate you, but we're also going to give you subsidies and even give you a seat at the table when we craft the damned legislation.... AND we'll bail your ass out. Wink, wink, nod, nod.

    A couple of examples of just how the corrupt Obama works... a) He took massive amounts of cash from the big-wigs at Google and alakazam, Google skated on its anti-trust and illegal manipulation charges less than 2 months into his administration.

    b) He assigned a fellow by the name of Mark Ernst to craft the new tax preparation law which would have had as one of it's side effects the putting out of business of a lot of small guys - and did I mention that Mark Ernst was a former bi-wig at H&R Block?

    c) He had as his main business adviser GE's Jeffrey Immelt and damned if this whole green energy scam hasn't benefited that company immensely.

    d) For some strange reason he gave Philip Morris a seat at the table in the crafting of the tobacco bill and that legislation quite literally solidified their status as the #1 tobacco company (they apparently already had the new testing equipment and the smaller companies didn't).

    e) The stimulus package itself was a veritable grab-bag for corporate America; big tech, big energy, big concrete, big pharma, etc., etc.. To say that this fellow isn't a crony capitalist and that he seriously bleeds for the little guy is uproarious.

  2. In regards to ISIS, everybody from the pope and Chris Matthews to Charles Krauthammer and Dick Cheney thinks that we ought to bomb them... But we have literally been bombing that God-forsaken country for going on a quarter of a century now and the fact that we're still talking about it as if it were some sort of a magic-bullet/cure-all really ought to tell us something, Lester.

  3. bArack oBama is the laziest Black pResident ever. No, he's the laziest president who happens to be Black. And screw any lIberal pRogressive who calls Lying Lester "racist" for pointing out this FACT. As for bombing ISIS, it surely won't help them! Lying Lester says we need to KILL as many of these mOhamed-worshiping scumbags as possible!