Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On the Rump Conclusion that a Gary Johnson Presidency Would "Crush" the Middle-Class

And this would work how exactly? And also, so what if it would?

Obviously to the pRogressive Leftists of the nation Johnson is public enemy #1. He doesn't fit their rump sTatist template. They believe that a gOvernment that gets out of the way and allows the rich to do as they please is bad? "Bad" only if you think that the gOvernment should provide services and ensure the rich don't get too powerful.

We're supposed to believe that allowing rich people to keep more of their own money is bad. And that removing the boot of the government from the throat of big businesses through fewer regulations and reduced licensing requirements (not allowing them to pollute and harm consumers) is also bad.

So, some Poors might die due to a lack of medical attention or starve or freeze to death. SO? These rump deadbeats should get jobs. A rich job creator will hire you if we chuck the minimum wage. I'm sure they can get by on the very low wages they deserve. And Also, so what if some workers are abused or even die; or some consumers die?

Also remember that Gary Johnson is opposed to sending our kids overseas to fight in these protracted idiotic conflicts. Which we won't have to do, so long as the flea and lice infested mUslins renounce mOhamed. Then we have no problem. Otherwise we should simply lob a few bombs over there. Not go to war.

And Gary would (of course) abolish the bailout culture and nix crony capitalism. Because if there is another collapse the rich folks can swoop in and buy up all the valuable assets for pennies on the dollar (which is what Romney argued in regards to GM). And who needs crony capitalism if the gOvernment just gets out of the way and lets the corporations abuse workers and pay them slave wages?

And Gary would also imprison fewer of the Black Poors by abolishing the rump drug-war. I mean, there is some serious money to be made if the corporations can get in on the action.

Lastly, "reforming" entitlements will only crush old people, and nobody gives a shit about them. I mean, if you did not invest wisely and have a nest egg, who cares if some rump old fart starves or freezes to death?

Folks, the way that I see it here, Gary Johnson would be a pretty darn good friend to the wealthy, and isn't that all that really matters? If you're in the upper middle class you'll do just fine. The lower middle class? Just like the rump Poors, who really cares if they're crushed?

Not Lying Lester. Fact is, I'd say these rumps deserve some crushing.

Byline: This excellent and completely non-rumpy commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason, and co-authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Thanks for the assist, Willis. LLIN-112.

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  1. Hey Les, or RN or whoever you are these days, I know that you have been flooding the internet with your aliases, nicknames, and God only knows what else. Thanks once again for your input and opinion, but to tell you the truth, we here on the “Right” side don’t really give a crap about your opinions or your comments. We already know where YOU stand, and like I said, nobody gives a crap about any of your thoughts and opinions.
    If you carefully read some of the responses here to your comments you should have gotten the hint. Asking serious questions, and making serious comments is one thing But making irrelevant remarks, and siding with that POS called SHAW is other thing. Any way I have also been watching other threads, in other blog sites and noticed that YOU are a lap DOG of the Progressives, and they use you like the tool that you are. I've also noticed several people on that dumb-ass blog gang up on one individual only because of their Conservative views, that’s not so Cool buddy, and we don’t go for that kind of slop, it’s the Liberal way of arguing their point, not ours. Thanks for your remarks about my previous comments on the Witch’s blog. But I guess that she didn’t like it and balled you out for it and what did you do? You ran away with your tail between your legs like a bad little puppy. Sorry, I don't speak , redneck or gibberish, like the others you love to ridicule. . But if you don't understand what I am trying to get across, just ask. otherwise If you want to post something in this thread in response, stick to the topic. if you do there will be no need for me to respond any further.... If you don't have anything to contribute to this topic, you are welcome to go somewhere else and take your drama with you....