Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lying Lester Welcomes New LLIN Contributor Willis "I Love Straw Men" Hart, Plus Some Sad News

Lying Lester is extremely proud to announce the addition of a new LLIN contributor, Willis "I Love Straw Men" Hart! Previously I've refered to my buddy using the moniker he usually goes by, which is "Will Hart", but the dude's name is actually "Willis".

Truth be told, however, I called him "Will" because that it is what he called himself. But, in the spirit of the truth-telling I do here on this blog, my good friend decided to create a new Blogger ID and use his real name (instead of a shortened version of it).

Please check back soon for exciting and interesting commentaries by Willis, the "small L" Libertarian (as he describes himself politically). I am positive that you will not be disappointed.

Now, on a sad note, I must pass along some information regarding my friend Lyle Lester, a like-minded Ayn Rand devotee who filled in for me temporarily while I was on hiatus from this blog.

When I announced my return I promised to add Lyle as a contributor, implying that there would be some commentaries forthcoming from him. I honestly did intend to add Lyle as a contributor, and Lyle did intend to write those commentaries... but that is sadly now impossible, as Lyle Lester has sadly passed away.

Even though Lyle had been battling anal cancer - which is odd, given the fact that this is a disease that mostly afflicts lIberals, and Lyle was an Objectivist/Libertarian - his doctor had predicted a full recovery following surgery.

And recover he did. Lyle had been out of the hospital for several weeks when he was struck down in a freak skydiving accident. Or, he was pronounced dead after he struck the ground, to be more precise. Turns out his parachute was improperly packed. Lyle's estate is looking into filing a lawsuit.

Comments expressing condolences to Lyle's family are welcome. Although Lyle's parents preceded him in death, he was divorced and he never had children - and therefore he had no family. Lyle's ex-wife is also dead, by the way, having been murdered by Lyle some years ago via poisoning. A "crime" for which Lyle was never accused or convicted, but one which he confessed to me in a letter I received shortly after his death.

A letter, by the way, which made me the executor of his estate. So it's me who is suing the company that murdered Lyle by not teaching him to correctly pack his parachute. Or, that is what my suit maintains, in any case. Here is hoping that I receive a huge settlement.

Byline: This excellent allbeit sad commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-126.


  1. Thank you, Lying Lester, for the introduction. I look forward to publishing some of my commentaries on your fine blog, the first of which I will submit tomorrow. Please, readers of LLIN, stay tuned for my first entry on this most excellent blog! BTW, I am sorry to hear about the death of your friend Lyle. How tragic. I hope you take those responsible for his death to the cleaners.

  2. Looks like you finally found a jackass who reads your stupid SHIT.
    Thanks to Will the Shill.