Sunday, June 19, 2016

Proof The Leftist Media Is Out To Get Trump

Did you know that Bill Clinton has received over $16 million in compensation for being the honorary chancellor of a diploma mill that has repeatedly been sued for fraud (something called laureate Education) - this while at the same time said enterprise's parent company has received $55 million dollars in grants from a Hillary Clinton led State Department? (source).

Likely not. Apparently our Leftist media doesn't consider it newsworthy. But isn't this just as bad (and maybe worse) as Trump University? Please? I know I'm praying that it is. Because if both DJT and HRC are charged and found guilty... can you say President Gary Johnson? Unlikely, sure. But when you reside on the farthest fringes ideologically (like I do), far fetched scenarios SOMEHOW placing your fringe candidate in office are all one has to cling to.

Don't get me, wrong - I hate HRC considerably more than DJT (he who has "offended" the Liberal media via a cadre of impolitic statements). Which is why I'd only vote for HRC if someone held a gun to my head. Sure, I wouldn't vote for DJT either, but that the Liberal media keeps attacking him (while ignoring Clinton transgressions) makes me so mad!

I mean, so the fuck what if Donald flat out ripped off people via his so-called "university"? I call it pigeon plucking, and have no problem at all if stupid people voluntarily decide to hand over their money. I mean, it's their fault if they don't do their homework. And, as a Libertarian, I am 100 percent in favor of education provided by the private sector on a for-profit basis (and do not believe these for-$ educators need any stinking regulation).

As for this applying to Laureate Education as well as Trump U... the answer is yes. But I'm going the hypocrite route on here and saying the Clintons should be hammered on this, while Donald should be given a pass. Even though, according to Jonathan Turley "there is no evidence of a quid pro quo arrangement or even direct grants" re Laureate's parent company receiving $55 million in grants from the HRC led State Department.

So, while the Clinton education "scandal" may be more unsavory as opposed to criminal, while Trump's fake "university" absolutely looks like a case of outright fraud, I'm still thinking the Clintons should be prosecuted and the Trump case dropped.

Does that Mexican judge have it in for Trump? I doubt it's because he's Mexican. But he clearly is prejudiced against savvy businessmen like Trump who are good at raking in the profits. And there's also the fact that Gonzalo Curiel was installed as a judge on the United States District Court for the Southern District of California after being nominated by... President Barack Obama!

This would be the same Obama who was the subject of allegations of not being US-born by Donald Trump. Which indicates that Trump being persecuted here might be a case of payback. I mean, since I'm already spinning unsubstantiated (Clinton-only) conspiracies, what's one more?

By the way, I noted near the beginning of my commentary that Laureate has been "repeatedly" been sued for fraud. Turley says this happened once, and the case was dismissed. Repeatedly or once, I say Laureate (and by association, the Clintons) are guilty as hell and should go to prison. Or at least not end up in the White House. Sorry, but no.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-270.

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