Sunday, April 24, 2016

On The Fact That There Are Many Drug Dealing Violent Black Animals Behind Bars Where They Belong

According to Manhattan Institute fellow Heather McDonald "the favorite culprits for high black prison rates include a biased legal system, draconian drug enforcement, and even prison itself. None of these explanations stands up to scrutiny. The black incarceration rate is overwhelmingly a function of black crime".

Also, when it comes to drug use, key studies from the "Journal of Urban Health" and "Addictive Behaviors", prove that blacks are three and a half times mote likely to end up in the emergency room due to drugs and they also tend to commit violent crimes at a much higher rate when dealing drugs and the drug charge is generally just an add-on (a minuscule number of folks are in prison just for small-time dealing).

Wouldn't it be nice if these bozos in the media and in politics knew how to interpret data and ditched their fucking narratives? What would help a great deal, I think, would be if they adopted the narrative of people like McDonald, myself and Stormfront. Which is that Black people are fucking animals who inherently violent and criminal. And locking them up is the only solution.

Bleeding heart Liberals want us to think that racism itself is the root cause of black crime, that there is "a bedrock racism that segregates, undereducates, and marginalizes them in every way come to mind". These fucker want us "to imagine that a hated group responds with disfunction?"

What is systemic racism? (excerpt) Systemic racism includes the complex array of antiblack practices, the unjustly gained political-economic power of whites, the continuing economic and other resource inequalities along racial lines, and the white racist ideologies and attitudes created to maintain and rationalize white privilege and power. Systemic here means that the core racist realities are manifested in each of society’s major parts ... each major part of U.S. society - the economy, politics, education, religion, the family - reflects the fundamental reality of systemic racism. (Systemic Racism: Beyond Prejudice and Micro-Agressions by Nicki Lisa Cole. About Education, Updated 10/23/2015).

What a load of crap. The truth is that Blacks have no one to blame but themselves, because racism, instead of being "systemic" is all but dead. Because White people are logical and civilized. Blacks could learn a lot by following the example of higher-ordered persons such as myself. Alas, most darkies are lower-ordered, explaining why most are so violent and prone to criminality. That is just a biological fact. Deal with it libtards!

Byline: This higher-ordered commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-226.

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