Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason

Lester Nation is a nobleman (noble Man), noble not by birth, but by his superior intellect. I have therefore decided that instead of "Mister", which is the usual prefix a Man attaches to the beginning of his name, I will henceforth use the title "Lord".

Also, given that I am a fan of the period of Enlightenment that was enjoyed here in the United States under the Founders, I have decided I shall append "Man of Reason" to the end of my name. I shall therefore be formally known as "Lord Lester Nation: Man of Reason", but you can still call me Lying Lester, informally.

This new title is, I believe, more befitting a Man of superior intellect, skill, strength, and sexual prowess such as myself. Make fun if you will, but Lying Lester shall take such taunts in stride, knowing they almost certainly come from a place of jealously.

Lying Lester knows this because he has had to deal with the unbridled jealousy his Manliness causes in those of a lesser stock his whole life. Yes, Lying Lester is fully aware that he possesses that set of qualities or characteristics generally considered typical of, or appropriate to, a Man, as described in Dr. Ronald F. Levant's Masculinity Reconstructed as "avoidance of femininity; restricted emotions; sex disconnected from intimacy; pursuit of achievement and status; self-reliance; strength; and aggression".

Lying Lester absolutely possesses all these qualities in spades, which is why a title of nobility is well deserved. Although it is a status-thing only, as the Constitution forbids the granting of actual titles of nobility. Perhaps this is something that the Founders messed up on?

Lying Lester is inclined to think they may have, as he is surely deserving of such a title - which is why Lying Lester is thinking he should require those beneath him to henceforth refer to him as "my Lordship"... at least in non-casual situations.

Byline: This noble commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Libertarian "reason". LLIN-068.


  1. Octo, I sorry that your in such a bad mood, but frankly, I don't give a shit!

  2. Octopus does not read this blog. Also, the subject of the post has absolutely nothing to do with Octo. So... how, exactly, did you determine that Octo is "in a bad mood"??

  3. An observation revelant to this commentary... I've noticed that most men are intimidated by my Manliness while most women want to get with me. I say "most men" because the gay men want to get with me too... although I always decline. Not because I'm a homophobe, but because Lying Lester does not swing that way. I have been known, however, to get with a Lesbian or two. The Lesbos I've been with say they don't swing that way, but for Lying Lester they MUST make an exception. I'm talking about the lipstick Lesbians. Lying Lester turns down the manly Lesbians.

  4. Octopus doesn't read this blood guess that Octopuss must be smarter than I gave He or She credit for . I figures that He or She was as dumb as you are, but I guess I was wrong, no one could be that dumb!

  5. Lying Lester agrees with Julie Caesar 100 percent... except for the use of the word "dumb". Replace "dumb" with "smart", or (better yet) "super intelligent" and you have nailed it, Julie! I am guessing, however, that you used "dumb" on purpose and it was not a mistake... most likely the reason for this is jealously. As Lying Lester has mentioned previously, he has had to deal with the unbridled jealousy of those less smart than him (almost everyone, in other words) his whole life. I am quite used to it by now. It is the price one must pay when you are as super intelligent as Lying Lester is. *sigh*

  6. BTW, I am guessing that "Julie" Caesar is a man pretending to be a woman. Otherwise the chances are quite high that she'd be propositioning Lying Lester. Lying Lester, you see, possesses a raw animal magnetism that women absolutely can NOT resist. In order to get the full effect a female must be in Lying Lester's actual vicinity, but even online Lying Lester's words have an effect on women... that effect being a strong desire to be boned by him. Although this effect does vary from person to person. Those females most able to resist are ones with an extremely low intelligence. I'm not talking about mentally challenged women, either. I'm talking about dumbshits of moron-level intelligence who THINK they're smarter than they really are. I'm guessing that *if* "Julie" is a woman this describes her to a "T".