Thursday, May 15, 2014

oBama The Narcissist

Lying Lester believes that oBama is a narcissist in the clinical sense. Being a narcissist himself Lying Lester is well aware of the signs. All things are judged in relation to him. All criticism is personal and unwarranted. All praise is justified and expected. All achievement is by his doing. All failure is somebody else's fault. Argument is to be crushed. oBama's way or the highway. True empathy or altruism does not exist for him. He must get something out of every exchange and he must always be the one that gets the better part of the deal.

These are all bad qualities for a pResident to possess, or course, except for the lack of empathy or a desire to be altruistic. As any devotee of Ayn Rand would tell you, both empathy and altruism are negative character traits. But obviously the negatives outweigh the positives with oBama.

The scary part of this is that narcissism is the common trait among all tyrants throughout history. the SAD part is that if our media wasn't so PARTISAN, they would have sounded the alarm before he ever made pResident and certainly before he got a second term! Had the media done their self-professed job (watchdog of the people), America would have been too frightened to re-elect him (and, who knows, maybe Gary Johnson might have had a shot?).

As it is, the media hides, deflects, or ignores oBama's considerable psychopathy. Very scary indeed. This just emboldens him and gives him more confidence. Most dictators don't start out to be dictators but lack of accountability fuels their notion of specialness until at some point they think that they have a manifest destiny to rule over all.

Sorry my pRogressive friends, but you are brainwashed. When a person becomes brainwashed to believe a particular lie, they will repeat it with conviction and reject any evidence or proof to the contrary, just as the pRogressive lIberal supporters of oBama have and continue to do, and just as the lIeberal media has and continues to.

Byline: The lickable Man who authored this commentary consisting of extremely likable ideas was Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of pointing out that Obama is a narcissist. LLIN-053.

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