Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Guest Commentary By One of LLIN's Interns

Hi, my name is Arnie Hanson and I am an unpaid intern working for college credit here at LLIN. The reason for this blog post is that, as you may know, this site was recently declared unfit for reading by Octopus and eponymous blogger has ordered it to be shut down.

As explained to me by the boss man, Lester Nation, the verdict is not negotiable and LLIN must be shuttered. Of course this is bad news for me, as I was relying on this job for a needed college credit.

So, now I've got to scramble and see if I can find another internship before the expiration date to submit an internship for approval passes. The Swash Zone seems like a large blog, what with it's multiple authors. Perhaps they're looking for someone to fetch coffees and donuts, make copies, and do some spell checking and research?

I mean, if they have some openings the least Octopus could do would be to give me a shot, seeing as he is the reason that I'm losing my current internship. And the price is right too, given that Mr. Nation wasn't paying me anything for all the work I've been doing for him.

So, if Octopus - or anyone reading this has an internship gig available at their blog, please let me know by way of a comment to this post, or by contacting me at (Mr. Nation isn't allowing me to give out my personal email address but he said he'd forward any inquiries to me).

Well, that about does it for now. If you have any questions regarding my qualifications I can email a resume to anyone who is seriously looking for a blog intern. I have read all Ayn Rand's books and am well-versed in the ideology of Objectivism (so I'd probably be a better fit at a Libertarian/Objectivist blog).

I am, however, willing to accept ANY internship. Even one at a Progressive blog such as The Swash Zone.

Byline: This 12th LLIN blog entry was written by Arnie Hanson, LLIN blog intern... and published by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-012.


  1. Yes, I have a question. Who the Hell does this Prick Octopussy think he or she is to ORDER this or any blog to be shut down????
    Who the HELL died and made him or her King or Queen???
    I say to Octopussy , go fxxk yourself with a Russian hardon.

  2. Who is this idiot that DEMANDS the bog to be "Shut Down"? This is not a simple matter of a private citizen choosing whom to let's use its service or not!. One needs to use some common sense. .... If you do not like their bog or what is in it then do not spend your time there, and just don’t bother to go there.....PERIOD. Perpetrators should have the right to choose what and who they wish to read! And they should not be subject to some Fascist pig who was educated in Russia or Cuba, as this idiot Octo must have been . And if YOU abide by his demands, demanding that you shut down the entire site ..... You're an even a bigger idiot that the guy this post is about. . It's exactly like what Stalin, Fascists, and brutal dictators did and do. ..

    The author, not the public, not the idiot who don’t like what you have to sat, and not the government, should have the right to decide the value of speech. ...YOU and YOU alone should be able to speak, write articles, and whatever, about whatever you want to.
    Ever hear about the First Amendment?

  3. That's sad, this is very much like what we've seen in communist countries, where they have people hauled out by security so embarrassing questions can't be asked. Or where Dictators won’t allow the press or microphones so they wouldn't have to face the people. and where they silences the opposition.
    My suggestion is that instead of bitching and moaning about this whole thing online, simply ignore this moron who thinks that he is King-Shit and go on about your business. This is still America where we believes, that we can all express are opinions freely and without fear of being censored, or worse. Even if we do have a president that doesn’t see it that way. (I hope that's not too abstract for you to see). And hopefully this “Intern” will see it more clearly that you seem to.