Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chicks Are Dumb

Luminary Steven Pinker reports that it is a fact that, at the 760 SAT mark for math, males for outnumber females 7 to 1. Of course this is not entirely environmental, it's because men have superior brains. And, by the way, (and as Steven Pinker says), the truth cannot be sexist!

Although, at the risk of being referred to as a misogynist, I'll say that men and women have different aptitudes. Yeah, that's the ticket. Sarcasm, yes. I say this at the risk of getting myself fired. Damn it, but I think some radical Marxist feminazis I work with found this blog and MIGHT read this.

Also (quoting Pinker) "if the findings come out as showing a sex difference, one would either have to say, I guess sex discrimination wasn't so bad after all, or else furiously suppress or distort the findings so as to preserve the ideal".

And he's absolutely right, folks. On average chicks simply are not as smart as men. Oh, and that woman have, or still are, being discriminated against is largely bullshit. Not that there has been NO discrimination, but the meme that we live in a "patriarchy" is asinine bullshit.

Women need to shut the hell up about "equal pay", "rape culture", and similar crap made-up by the regressive Left. Sorry, but yes. Oh, and make me a sandwich and fetch me a beer. Ha ha ha.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-295.

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