Saturday, May 3, 2014

Regarding The Sale Of LLIN: The Bidding Is Now Concluded

As you may or may not know, I announced awhile back that this blog was to be closed (at the insistence, and due to the chagrin of Octo). I quickly reconsidered, and decided that, instead of closing the blog, I would auction it off to the highest bidder.

I mean, I put a lot of time and effort into setting up this blog, so if it is going to be closed, I would like to get something in return for all that time and effort. And maybe there is someone out there who would appreciate all the work I put into this blog?

Someone who might be willing to pay another to do that work instead of doing it themselves? Or so I thought when I indicated that the bidding would conclude on May 1st and on that date a new owner would be announced.

But turning over this blog to a new owner cannot be done as nobody submitted any (serious) bids. Perhaps I should simply close this blog because nobody is interested in buying it? No, I am convinced that there is someone out there who would like to buy this site and that eventually that person will stumble across this blog and be delighted to offer me a tidy sum to purchase it.

For that reason I am now announcing that the bidding for sale of the LLIN blog is now concluded... and that the bidding for the sale of the LLIN blog will immediately be reopened. LLIN will remain in a state of quasi-closedness until the right buyer can be found. Officially the blog is (and will remain closed), but I will continue to post commentaries until the right buyer is found and the blog is sold.

After that I will turn over the passwords for LLIN (as well as the associated blogger profiles and Google Plus pages) to the new owner. Regarding how long that might take... it will take as long as it takes is all I can say.

Hopefully this decision will not cause the blogger Octopus any chagrin. Although, if it does maybe Octo would consider buying LLIN? Then he could do whatever he wants with it (including deleting it).

By the way, when this blog is sold and turned over to a new owner (as I am positive it will be, eventually), I should remind my fans that my writings will still be able to be found over on my other blog, rAtional nAtion uSA, which is (as previously disclosed) my joke blog. If anyone reading this blog likes jokes and laughing I strongly urge them to visit RNUSA immediately... and to come back often.

Byline: This extremely informative post was written by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-038.


  1. Do you mean that the Shit -face, Shit-head. AKA Octo is still around? I would have thought that the toilet would have absorbed him by now.

  2. Who in the world is "Octopus" and to tell the truth, why the hell should I or anyone else care?
    Because I nor anyone else gives a fuck. Take some advice and go fuck yourself asshole.!! And take "Octopus" along with you.

  3. I second that last comment. In Spades.