Friday, May 16, 2014

On Entrepreneurship Not Being For Those of A Lesser Stock

As Lying Lester explained in a previous post, entrepreneurship should be discouraged, as a common man striking out on his own and succeeding is a theft from his former employer - as now all the fruits of his labor go to him, with the former employer completely cut out of the equation.

So, entrepreneurship is actually a form of wealth rEdistribution, which, as we all know, is evil. But discouraging entrepreneurship also cuts down on number of losers who might attempt to try going into business for themselves. These are the kind of scaredy-cats who worry they (or a family member) might get sick (or seriously ill)... and for that reason they decide they can't risk losing their employer-provided health insurance.

And therefore they stay put. And their EMPLOYER can keep a healthy cut of the fruits of the employee's labor. But Lying Lester believes some entrepreneurship is good. I mean, if you're more intelligent and have more drive than the average person; AND you have the intestinal fortitude to risk it all; well, then Lying Lester says give it a shot.

If you fail and end up in the gutter (or dead), then that's the way it was meant to be. And the rest of us are likely better off as a result. If you succeed; well, then you've earned it. Which is what Lying Lester did when he went into business for himself as a personal fitness expert.

So, Lying Lester risked it all. But Lying Lester still does not believe that any gOvernment sAfety nEt program should be there to catch him if he fails. Why? Because Lying Lester KNOWS he will not fail. Failing is for losers and Lying Lester is a WINNER. He is far more intelligent and has more drive than those of a lesser stock; a "higher ordered person", if you will. And he DEFINITELY has the intestinal fortitude.

Yes, Lying Lester recognizes he is a superior person cut from a superior cloth (a pure silk/high thread count cloth, for example), and that I deserve and will therefore achieve success.

What we don't need - and this is why Lying Lester opposes our gOvernment encouraging entrepreneurship - are losers who are bound to fail attempting to become entrepreneurs. Because they will fail and then expect the sAfety nEt to catch them. This, of course, means that winners such as myself will have to pick up the tab for the losers.

As a fiscal Conservative who believes taxes should be kept low, Lying Lester thinks catching the losers and paying for them to be parasites is a bad idea. The solution, in Lying Lester's superior opinion, is to reward winners (like Lying Lester) by letting them do their thing (win) and not by burdening them with higher taxes to pay for the losers to relax in a gOvernment provided social sAfety nEt hammock.

Ayn Rand would most certainly agree.

Byline: This winning polemic was brilliantly composed by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of winning and NOT losing. LLIN-055.

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