Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On Internet Trolls & Stalkers Targeting Lying Lester

Trolls are aplenty and certainly Lying Lester has a few that target him everywhere. It's just the price one pays for not "staying on the reservation" or for having independent views concerning the right of the wealthy to rule over us. And then there is the jealousy regarding Lying Lester's extreme Manliness, sexual prowess, and talent with the ladies (talent in bedding them, that is).

In any case I should note that, trolls, and their boorish behavior, are not limited to any particular political or philosophical view or party. Fact is, Lying Lester receives many missives a day from both pRogressive and rEpublican trolls, usually accusing me of being an "anti-Semite". All of which I send directly to Blogger's spam folder.

And the anonymous stalker never offers a single citation! No links, no quotes, not one shred of evidence... nothing! (no evidence that I'll publish, in any case).

Now, while it is true that I did admit saying "American Jews are the offspring of the pacifists that willing were led to the gas chambers in Hitlers Holocaust", obviously I was taken out of context!

The context in which is was meant, and was actually understood by all those who think and are interested in more than their sick destructive bullshit in their attempt to destroy the character of an honest and unbiased person was exactly the following...

The Jews, during the era of Adolph Hitler's bigoted and tyrannical REIGN of TERROR did not, based on my understanding of HISTORY (as taught by those responsible for teaching me) resist forcibly against the terror the idiot bastard rump Hitler was intent on inflicting upon the Jewish people.

My purpose was to point out the possibility of it happening anytime a people do not resist the tyranny of an hyper active ideologically driven politically agenda such as the pRogressive movement in America.

So, as you can see, I was slandering pRogressives by comparing them to Nazis. And, in regards to those who ask "is there any level of hyperbole that the delusional far rightwing conservative/reactionaries WON'T descend to?". I say "seemingly not".

But that has absolutely NOTHING to due with the fact that what we're talking about is Lying Lester descending to a level of hyperbole and delusion in his quest to slander pRogressives. Lying Lester is a Libertarian, and HIS hyperbole is the suggestion that a tyrannical pRogressive regime might roundup liberty-lovers such as myself and send them to concentration camps... and ultimately the gas chambers!

Which is why we (the liberty lovers) need to arm ourselves for that day when the pRogressive's jackbooted thugs come for us! Believe me, when that day comes Lying Lester will be ready, having accumulated a very large stockpile of weapons! And, if any sOcialist pRogressive enforcers try to disarm Lying Lester, or take him into custody for transport to a reprogramming camp, you can bet I'll take as many with me to the grave as possible!

Me pointing out that the Jews went willingly to the gas chambers is simply a warning against this course of action and in no way anti-Semitic. Even though it's total BS and there actually were many examples of Jewish people fighting back. No matter. It is a lie that was taught by those responsible for teaching me (as previously noted).

Anyway, Ayn Rand was a Jew. A Jew that changed her name from Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum - so I can't possibly be anti-Semitic! But did Ayn Rand change her name due to embarrassment for being Jewish? No, it was because Rand was a life-long atheist with a secular philosophy. "She was Jewish, but she always said her religion had no meaning to her" (according to a source I read).

So Ayn would have criticized those Jews who went willing to the gas chambers as well. And been with Lying Lester in agreeing that liberty-lovers should arm ourselves against the anti-liberty sOcialist lIberal pRogressives and their jackbooted thugs. Ms. Rand even wrote a novel (Atlas Shrugs) where a tyrannical socialist regime robs from it's productive citizens to give to the worthless Takers!

And, so what if Rand's fictional novel is self-serving claptrap from a wealthy-worshipping paranoid-delusional? And so what if a real threat to democracy would more than likely come from a fascist Rightwing authoritarian regime bought and paid for by our plutocrats? It isn't as if any of that would be bad... for the plutocrats. For a gullible and malleable rAbble to believe lies like Rand's would be good for them. And isn't that what we all want (what's good for the plutocrats)?

Anyway, that Lying Lester worships Ayn Rand obviously disproves this meme concerning Lying Lester being "anti-Semitic". Although, one could argue that a false claim concerning American Jews being the offspring of the pacifists that willing were led to the gas chambers in Hitlers Holocaust is anti-Semitic. And in regards to that accusation? Lying Lester says MAYBE. But it's anti-Semitism put to good use... to warn people about (fictitious) lIberal tyranny! (and is therefore only a White lie).

I mean, if the aMerican pEople were to accept that pRogressivism is actually in their best interest, then they might vote for the pRogressive agenda in greater numbers! And then those they elect might actually do something to guard against the REAL danger... the danger posed by the accumulation of large amounts of wealth in a small number of hands.

And - hard to believe - but some people actually do consider this a "danger"... but those people are just worthless Poors. Except for the Jews. Many of them seem to be in the middle and upper-middle classes (if you believe that stereotype, which Lying Lester does). But for some reason they refuse to acknowledge the fact that the wealthy SHOULD rule us!

Lying Lester cannot fathom why, but shame on these Jews for voting Democrat. The very fact that a large majority of American Jews have voted for the Democrat in the presidential election for the last 50 years (at least) is reason enough for Lying Lester to slander them with lies about their ancestors going willing to gas chambers!

Byline: This excellent and absolutely not anti-Semetic commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-118.

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