Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lying Lester Asks: Is The Republican Congress Likely To Continue New Deal Era Corporate Welfare?

He he he. This is a good one. A recent article from the National Review Online highlights the "reality" that rEpublicans are, and have been "as supportive" of crony capitalism and corporate welfare as dEmocrats.

You get what they're saying... they're saying that it's the dEmocrats who are the crony capitalists and that the rEpublicans are just "supportive" of it. The dEmocrats, so this Tall Tail goes, started cronying back during the days of FDR. Crony capitalism is a product of FDR's New Deal!

This despite FDR saying that the economic royalists hated him, and he welcomed their hatred - that was actually all baloney. FDR actually was cronying HARD, and the "New Deal" was a new deal for deceiving the public and enriching the plutocrats.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You've got to hand it to Libertarians, this is genius! Blame the dEmocrats for what the rEpublicans are responsible for! Everyone knows that it's the rEpublicans who are wholly in the pockets of big business.

It wasn't until Bill Clinton and his "third way" that the Corporate dEmocrats emerged. The "third way" was the dEmocrats saying "hey, we want some of that plutocrat bribe money too!".

But this muddying of the waters and rewriting of history by the Libertarians is a great idea in Lying Lester's opinion. I mean, blame both rEpublican and dEmocrats for what is actually a lIbertarian goal, which would be empowering our wealthy overlords.

Although, Libertarians don't want the gOvernment to act as a middleman, collecting the taxes and doling out the goodies. NO! Libertarians like me want gOvernment to get out of the way so our beloved oligarchs can get to raping and abusing workers and the public with nothing to stop them.

No pesky minimum wage! The lower classes should be forced to work for a low low wage. How low? Well, how low can you go? With an overabundance of workers the rules of supply and demand tell us that that wage can go VERY low.

This would be a good thing, obviously. Because, if the plutocrats could get away with paying slave wages, well, obviously they'll make more (become wealthier).

And worker protections? Why the hell do we need those? If a worker is injured or killed on the job what's the big deal? As I just pointed out - there is an overabundance of workers. Just kick that injured or dead worker to the curb and hire a new one!

Poor laborers are a dime a dozen (or they should be) so WHY should our wealthy corporate masters give a crap if some are hurt or killed on the job. Answer: they should absolutely not. Because caring would (and currently does) cost them money. Money that could go into their pockets!

So Lying Lester supports this lie 110 percent. Convince the ignorant public that ALL politicians are dirty - and work especially hard to place extra blame on the pArty least responsible for the cronyism that infects our body politic... and then, perhaps they'll decide to bring in the Libertarians to "fix" the problem.

Lying Lester thinks it could work. Heck, we should at least give it a shot. There are always other lies we can tell to deceive the public into voting for policies that will harm them (while enriching the already wealthy).

Remember, it's all about concentrating wealth at the top. And, any lie that furthers that noble goal is a good lie. You KNOW Ayn Rand would agree.

Byline: This excellent commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-099.


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  2. Ya know, I don’t give a Rats Ass what FDR or Bill Clinton did or especially anything that Barack Hussein Obama does or says, isn’t the fact that we allow over a million LEGAL immigrants into this country every year, to crap allover us enough for you liberal bleeding hearts? . Is that not enough for you Comrade? Why do you find it so disgusting that we ask people to respect our immigration laws? Why do these ass-hole break our laws and not only get away with it, but we bend down backwards to these creeps and that’s still not enough for you Progressive morons! For Obama it was always about destroying America. He never cared for the welfare of this country. To him we were always wrong and arrogant. Well i have news for you, this putz wrote the book on arrogance.
    And don’t dare to compare the people who came here long ago who want to escape communism to the millions of ILLEGAL aliens who only come here to sponge off of everyone here, and just take, take , and take and never give.

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  4. The fact that we were a nation of immigrants does not mean that we have any obligation to remain a nation of immigrants, or to not be selective as to who we invite to the party. We are a sovereign country, with laws on immigration, that need to be enforced. If you don't like the current laws, then you have the right to try and change them. You do not have the right to insist that they be ignored

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