Saturday, June 18, 2016

On Donald Trump Saying We Need To Renegotiate Our Trade Deals

Is Donald Trump's economic illiteracy so profound that he's unaware of the fact that immigration doesn't just move the supply curve (pertaining to labor) but the demand curve, too? This is why wages are only pushed down substantially, but NOT pushed down (for the most part) dramatically.

I guess that they didn't offer Libertarian Econ 101 at the Wharton School during his tenure there (that or he took a regular Econ class). Yet another reason I'll be voting for Gary Johnson again. Because Gary understands that opening the borders will bring prosperity for all (all the people in the 0.1 percent, that is).

Gary Johnson: My vision of the border with Mexico is that a truck from the United States going into Mexico and a truck coming from Mexico into the United States will pass each other at the border going 60 miles an hour. Yes, we should have open borders. (Gary Johnson on Immigration).

This, to me, sounds like a VERY good idea. Because 42% of Mexico's total population lives below the national poverty line, while in the United States, only 13.2% of Americans are living in poverty.

Gary Johnson KNOWS the US can do better! By "better" I mean we can do a better job of transferring wealth from the lower classes up to the higher/better classes. Opening up the border would help the US move toward greater wealth disparity.

Although "recent census data shows that half the population qualifies as poor or low income" in the United States, so we're not doing that bad. But Donald Trump says we need to "renegotiate" our trade deals. Apparently so that some of those manufacturing jobs that were sent to China can come back here?

Yeah, that's something I say "no way" to. Because driving down American's incomes by outsourcing labor to low wage countries is a BIG part of the oligarch's plan to destroy the middle class. And, this is a strategy that's been in place for quite awhile, with both Republican and Democratic presidents and administrations working to further it.

Opening the border, on the other hand, is generally opposed by both parties. The Republicans being more fervert on this issue, however. Which is why Donald Trump proposed building a wall.

I mean, if we'd be fortunate enough to get Gary Johnson into the White House in 2017, perhaps we could move toward opening the borders (the "we" being those of us, like myself, who worship the oligarchs). But since that's probably not likely, continuing "free trade" seems the best course of action (to continue transitioning the US to neo feudalism).

But with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee? All I can say is WOW. This is surely NOT a good development. Hopefully HRC (is she is our next president) will flip-flop on the TPP (again).

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-269.

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