Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My First Post!

Les made me member of this blog with privileges to write posts! Welcome to my first post! There has been no Blogging from me since I shutdown my Thrown Away blog in fear. Due to fear of wd bugging me with his rational and reasoned pushback to my baloney and constant and pathological lying.

Will I post again? I do not do that so much these days, what with me shutting down my blog. So, I do not know. I may or I may not. We shall see.

My blog is still open to invited readers, however. I did this to honor wd. My blog is now a shrine to my disturbing fan boyish obsession (to the point of being a fetish) with this outstanding blogger. Please shoot me a request if you wish to view my blog and worship in my wd shrine. I'll let you join if you are the right kind of person. Which would be someone as obsessed with wd as I am.

Byline: This First and perhaps last commentary was authored by Dennis Marks AKA dmarks. Lover of lying & weinergrams. LLIN-160.

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